Beaches and breezes. Who doesn’t love spending some me-time by the beach? I crave it from time to time to get away from the buzz of the city and rejuvenate myself. Sitting by the crashing waves, dipping your toes in the wet sand, listening to the wind and feeling the breeze on your face is a wonderful way of soul searching. It’s the kind of break everyone needs.

Whenever I feel anxious or out of place, I like to catch my break at a quiet place. Given the kind of events and situations we have to put up with in everyday life, I think it is essential for all of us to get away from the chaos we are surrounded with. One of the best ways to reconnect with yourself is to get away from all of it for a while. For me, that place is often a beach. Just watching the sunset on the horizon by the beach has a very calming effect on me. 

Though I have a couple of favorite beaches near Mumbai, I am always on the lookout for new places that are not as crowded. I was recently reading how among all the places in India, Lakshadweep is supposed to have the best quaint beaches. That’s one reason I have been planning for a long time to visit the tropical archipelago. There’s a lot more I read about the islands.

Did you know that not all islands in Lakshadweep are inhabited? Pretty interesting. However, the main islands are pretty accessible by ships and flights from Kochi. While I’m talking about connecting and reconnecting with oneself, it is equally important to stay connected with the outer world when you are traveling. 

I found out that Airtel has recently rolled out 4G services in the region. It has become the first mobile operator to offer high-speed data services. Yes, so when I make that trip, I can bombard you guys with stories and loads of content on social media from the gorgeous beaches. If any of you are planning a trip here, now you can also stream music that complements the serene beauty. 

It definitely helps to use a network that keeps you in touch everywhere. With good network connectivity, it becomes so much easier to stay connected with your close ones! So, if you’ve been dodging your vacay plans because of network issues, check your calendars again and get set go!

The next time you are at the beach, take some time to ask yourself questions about your thoughts, ideas, values and see how different you feel after coming back.

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