What do you do when you find yourself stranded on the far end of Lonavla, unable to make a call? You end up being helpless, waiting to find a lift or a good soul to get you out of your predicament. Couple years ago, I had such an experience on my trip to the hill station. On a fine day, the idea was to enjoy some me time by a little-known spot with a gorgeous view of the hills and then call the driver to take me back. But the much-needed call refused to go through and I was in for a long wait.  

Though I loved the gorgeous location, my network experience played spoilsport during the entire trip. Getting stuck in a place away from the town was just one part of it. Even after staying in a hotel in the heart of the town, I had a hard time connecting with mom. When I wanted to enjoy some downtime, Instagram and Twitter took a long time to load. More importantly, I rely on my phone to help me find information about places of interest. With a slow data connection, it was quite frustrating to surf and find relevant information.   

With my old network, the experience was not any better in Mumbai, with persistent dropped calls and a slow data connection. After a couple of embarrassing dropped calls with clients, I knew it was time to find a better network. A friend told me how Airtel 4G had a pretty solid network in the Mumbai region and I decided to go with it.

Given how I depend on my phone to stay connected and use social media, I realized how much a strong network really matters to me. And I am glad I made a smart choice.

Over the last few weeks that I have been with Airtel 4G, I have had a much better experience everywhere I go. Whether I am taking a call at home, using social media in a car or downloading a file in a cafe, I could get all of it done without breaking a sweat. Staying in touch with family and friends all over the world has be easier than it ever used to be. Streaming online has been a joy. Most importantly, I can’t remember the last time I had to deal with embarrassing call drops in these years.

So many of us with a strong network connection take it for granted. But having lived without one, I would say it makes quite a difference. Life is just easier when you know you can visit your favorite cafe in a crowded lane and still attend to a conference call or sit on a mountain top and listen to your favorite music track.

Hope you also make a smart choice with the network you use!

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