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Review-VLCC-Shape-Up-10-in-1-Skin-Enhance-Oil Price: Rs.700 for 100 ml.


Review-VLCC-Shape-Up-10-in-1-Skin-Enhance-Oil   I have really fond memories of playing basketball as a teenager, but what I am not fond of is the scars it left behind on my legs from those fun afternoon spent in the court. Since last couple of years, I’ve been on a hunt for products that will help reduce the scarring and uneven skin tone. After watching hundreds of youtube videos and trying my moms ‘gharelu nuskas’ I came across VLCC’s latest launch called “Shape up – 10 in 1 Skin Enhance Oil” and like moth to a flame I wanted to try it out as soon as possible. VLCC is a household name and I’ve tried a bunch of their products in the past. The brand is constantly on a run with their latest technology and innovation to deliver the best possible skincare solution available in the market.

Review-VLCC-Shape-Up-10-in-1-Skin-Enhance-Oil With heat beating down upon us and the only option of clothing being dresses and shorts now was the best time to put ‘Shape up’ to test. This 10 in 1 Oil will take care of your skins major concern such as scars, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, dry-dehydrated skin, poop skin texture, cuticle problem, unhealthy nails, cracked elbow and dull skin. With powerful ingredients like Raspberry oil which is known for its anti-aging properties, Chamomile oil blended with Evening primrose, Marula and Moroccan Argan oil to reduce scars and restore skins elasticity, Green Tea Oil to make your skin supple and many more skin enhancing components like Almond, grapeseed, lavender, Vitamin A & E, Jojoba, Coconut, Rosehip, calendula, avocado and beauty lead extracts.


The product comes in a sturdy pump packaging which I honestly appreciate, not only will it be easy for me to travel with but the pump dispenser makes the application a breeze. The fragrance of the ‘Enhance Oil’ is very light and spa like, I am not fond of overwhelming fragrances so this is a win for me! The oil is light weight and melts into your skin within a few minutes. What I LOVE is the slight glisten it leaves behind without feeling sticky. It makes your legs look ramp ready! It also photographs so well that I make sure to apply this before any important events or outfit shoots.

Review-VLCC-Shape-Up-10-in-1-Skin-Enhance-Oil For application they recommend for you to massage the product daily for minimum 45 days to see the result. From the very first application I noticed that it makes my skin feel hydrated and supple which lasts all day long without the greasiness. My mom loves applying this product on her face because she has dry skin type and feels that her darks spots have become lighter. It has become a ritual for me to massage this oil post shower when my skin is semi wet, I noticed this helps absorb the product better into my skin. Before going to sleep I rub it into my cuticles and nails and have genuinely seen a steady improvement.

Overall I am very happy with the ‘VLCC Shape UP – 10 in 1 Skin Enhance Oil’ and would recommend for you to give this a try.

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