Ever since 1880, Wella Professionals have been relentlessly pursuing their quest to make visionary style and beauty dreams come true. They have constantly strived to ignite the spark of creation and fuel imaginations, delivering innovations and services to enable a hairdresser’s creativity. Superior products, inspiring education and unique salon business-building programs make Wella Professionals a world leader and expert in hair cosmetics and beauty.

Hair styling in India has not yet reached its full potential as the majority of styling is done by stylists in the salon and seldom at home. Wella Professionals are ever keen to bridge this gap in a multitude of ways by providing consumers and stylists with premium quality products, training programs and services. Recently, the brand hosted a Hair Show to showcase step-by-step looks and demonstrations to hairdressers who struggle with styling long hair. These hair shows were arranged for 1800 hair stylists and were held across three major cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

To achieve this task of making the art of hair styling more convenient, Wella Professionals brought down Wella Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron, who is an acknowledged long hair expert. He has spent the last 25 years travelling, sharing and presenting his show stopping hair styles all over the world. His most recent appearance was at the renowned Cannes Festival where he worked on a special premier from the movie Trolls starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.

Through these grand hair shows, Patrick exposed the hair dressers to the various possibilities in hair styling through live demonstrations. He believes that hair styling is an expression of individuality and thus cannot take a back seat. During this visit to India, Patrick Cameron showcased his Modern Vintage collection with state of the art styling products from the Wella Professionals portfolio. Modern vintage takes its inspiration from the 1960’s because this era has an enduring influence in fashion, in the balance and the proportions of the way hair is dressed .This legacy is seen across the board from international catwalks to red carpets as well as editorial work.

Excited on his visit to India, Patrick said, “I have been associated with Wella Professionals for a long time now and I am extremely happy to showcase the modern vintage collection in India. It’s amazing to see women who beautifully carry long hair as they do in India. It is an absolute pleasure to be in a space where there is so much scope for experimentation. With the enthusiasm of all the stylists present in India and an array of wonderful Wella Professionals products, I see a bright future for India’s hair styling segment”

It was one of the most inspiring and captivating event of the year so far, and paved the way for future breakthroughs in hair styling in the country. As stylists and hair dressers watched this hair magician at work, their passion for hair styling grew and multiplied. With such shows and modern innovations, Wella Professionals is sure to change the way we perceive hair styling and make it less cumbersome and more achievable for everyone.


Lifestyle and Beauty Bloggers got an opportunity to talk to Patrick Cameron about his experience so far with Wella and also learn a few hair care tips & tricks! One of the tips which I learned from him is, while washing our hair we should leave our shampoo for a minute or two longer so that our hair can get a chance to absorb all the nutrient from the product. Who would have thought of this! I am always in a hurry to wash off my shampoo so I can’t wait to try this tip out the next time I decide to wash my hair.

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