Makeover Series – 1 : Au Natural

Recently I have been enjoying a little bit of play with my tested make up strategies! What I realized was that it helps me enhance my stylist abilities and also a boost of confidence once I am finished with a fruitful session. Basically I have thought of starting a series wherein I shall give a … Continue Reading

Revlon Expression 2013

Revlon Expression 2013 Lately I’ve been attending several events, traveling throughout Mumbai and oh boy I’m enjoying every bit of it (well almost every) which explains why in the last few posts I have been covering the events attended by me. I want you guys to be in sync with everything that’s happening around me … Continue Reading

L’Oreal’s L’or Sunset Press Conference with Sonam Kapoor and Namrata Soni.

A couple of days ago I attended a press conference for L’Oreal with Sonam Kapoor held at The Taj Lands End; it was about the new L’or Sunset  Make Up collection paying tribute to Bollywood and her make up looks and plans for the very famous Cannes Film Festival 2013. The event showcased the new make up collection called … Continue Reading

Baby Lips Kiss Song !

Last year they had launched a revolutionary Lip Balm called Baby Lips which renews lips visibly in just 4 weeks! This year, they have released a fun song – Baby Lips Kiss Song, celebrating the kisses of more than 6,000+ Babylicious girls in India!  Thousands of sexy kiss sounds sent in by their Facebook fans have been stitched in … Continue Reading

Eye Makeup : Girls Night Out

Last night I and few of my girlfriends went for girl’s night out. It was so much fun. This is the eye look I was wearing. I don’t really use eye shadows but this was so easy and I even got compliments from my friends and I guess at times doing things differently can be … Continue Reading

Jewelry (Sorting, Fixing, Cleaning and Storing)

In last 2 year I’ve become obsessed with Jewelry and my collection might not be huge but its getting bigger and bigger month by month 😀 Now a days I buy more jewelry than clothes because the right Jewelry can spice up any outfit for any occasions. It can instantly transform any outfit from drag … Continue Reading