Hello Beautiful People 😀 This is the Outfit I wore for the ‘Neutrogena Bloggers Meet’ (More on that in tomorrow’s post). It was way too hot for me to wear my ‘Typical’ Blazer look. So I decided to wear this Leopard/Cheetah Print Tank top with high waisted Cropped Pants and some Bling here and there.  Cheetah/Leopard Print … Continue Reading

Review: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner

Hello 😀 So happy!! Weekend is just around the corner 😀 Today I’m reviewing Maybelline’s Hypersharp Liner.  Its a new launch and I’m so excited to write a review about it 😀 Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Before i start with my review a little disclaimer :- This Product was send to me By Maybelline and I’m … Continue Reading

Grey’s Anatomy

Yesterday I was suppose to be at a bloggers event but got so late that i planned on Skipping it. This is what i wore, I love wearing formals but I’ve seen so many people saying its so dull and boring. Well it can be but depending on where you work you can add a bit of color in your … Continue Reading

Review: Maybelline Hyper glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner

Hello Everyone, Hope you had a great weekend 😀 Today Ill be reviewing a latest launch by Maybelline New york, Maybelline has been my favourite brand cause of the price, availability & their products are always awesome, don’t you guys agree?? Before i start with my review a little disclaimer :- This Product was send … Continue Reading

What Ive been up to & A small Haul.

Hey Everyone.. Its been so long since i just sat down and randomly spoke to you guys. 1st things 1st My bff Just Started his Photography Page on FB and it would be awesome if you guys could go check it out and like the link Faisal AK Photography Yesterday I travelled down to South … Continue Reading and Soulflower Bloggers Meet

Hello Everyone, A couple of days ago I attended an Official Bloggers’ meet hosted by & Soulflower. There were a few acquaintances, some friends and several new faces at the event and that’s what makes the meet so Vibrant. Also because almost all of us in our daily lives are engaged in similar interests … Continue Reading