Of Trips, Network Woes and Peace of Mind: Moving to a Better Network for a Better Life

What do you do when you find yourself stranded on the far end of Lonavla, unable to make a call? You end up being helpless, waiting to find a lift or a good soul to get you out of your predicament. Couple years ago, I had such an experience on my trip to the hill … Continue Reading

18 Goals to Slay 2018

Writer: Roxanne K. Tarapor ~ A new day means new opportunities, but the first of Jan fuels our desire to evolve and let go of all our past mistakes like none other. Twelve months is a good amount of time to solidify your place in a new field – if you don’t feel the need to introduce … Continue Reading

How To Plan Your First Solo Trip

We’re all guilty of wanderlust, especially when our social media is bombarding with images of the most magical global destinations. So what holds you back – is it purely monetary, or is time the real hindrance? We’ve all heard or justified to ourselves that both are culprits to our lack of flight miles, and that … Continue Reading