Why, How & Whom to Vote in 2019 Indian General Election

The biggest myth I feel is that India is a DEMOCRACY. In reality? Not really. If you are wondering what a Democracy is, basically it is a form of government in which the common people hold political power and can rule either directly or through elected representatives. US President, Abraham Lincoln defined Democracy as “a … Continue Reading

Get Up and Go! What to Eat to Boost Your Energy

Lately, my mornings have been a bit sluggish. They’re not as bright as they should be, I’m not as zippy as I want to be and, quite simply, I’m missing out on energy. After a few months of languid listlessness, I woke up to realize that the biggest change I could make towards a better … Continue Reading

The Monthly Mumbai Edit: Your Curated Guide to Five Special Things March Brings

A round-up of some of the very best things to do in the metropolitan city each month… Movies: Dumbo At the very end of the month, the new live action Disney film Dumbo hits the screens. With Tim Burton as director, expect this to be a darker and more gothic coloring of the original 1941 animated classic. … Continue Reading

Go to Bed the Right Way: 9 Night-Time Rituals to Inspire Better Sleep

How you end your day determines how you start your next. How we spend our last few waking hours impacts our quality of sleep, energy and happiness. Following a night-time ritual eases your body into slumber while putting you in better stead for tomorrow. Use this checklist to get some sound shut-eye and wake up … Continue Reading

The ABC Guide To Wellness

The A to Z guide to living well, eating right, thinking clearly and feeling all kinds of wonderful. A is for Active Mindfulness: Find your inner calm by performing your daily activities with a sense of intent and introspection: pay attention to your body, your posture and breath, recognize your emotions, be aware of your … Continue Reading

Art Collecting 101: The Five Commandments

In the world of art collecting, millennials are shaking up the system. They are now the fastest growing demographic, rewriting the rules on the way. Often perceived as a notoriously expensive venture, buying art is transitioning into a more social and democratic practice. As galleries in the country start catering to the new crop of … Continue Reading