How to Pronounce Luxury Fashion Brand Names

 Have you noted that recently I have been on a “How Tos” kick; these are some of the questions that I think about. Due to OCD I go around doing my research and collecting info, I thought it would be helpful to share some of it with you all. I hope you enjoy reading such posts too. While in … Continue Reading

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer.

Moisturize:  Perfume lasts longer when your skin is hydrated. It is important to moisturize your skin before applying perfume as it helps retains fragrance longer than on dry skin. To enhance the fragrance even more you can even use the body lotion of the same scent. Apply:  Apply perfume to the wrists, neck, Inside elbow, Base of the neck, … Continue Reading

10 Ways To Perk Up When You’re Feeling Low.

Happy New Year !! This year instead of  keeping a yearly resolutions I have kept a Monthly to do List. One of my Things To do for this month is “To post If not everyday then at lest every alternate days on my Blog” So drop by often Ill try and greet you with a … Continue Reading

My Shopping Experience With

I’m sure that by now we all must have heard and shopped online @ I had shopped from this website earlier and because of the happy shopping experience and customer service they got repetitive business from me. Their delivery service is pretty quick (2-3 working days) and what’s even better is the return service. If you don’t like … Continue Reading

How To Fix Your Broken Powder Makeup.

How to fix your broken powder makeup. I have thrown away so many of my blushes or compact because it was broken, I tried using the broken make up but it was too much of a hassle. Half the time it would land straight on the floor and that was the end, its over. As … Continue Reading

Event : Häagen-Dazs’ New Menu Spells ‘Pure Captivation’

Häagen-Dazs is known for its timeless creations and have captivated the taste-buds of millions of dessert connoisseurs for decades. This festive season, Haagen Dazs takes its commitment to delighting you, a step further. The House of Haagen Dazs has introduced a whole new menu that spells luxury and indulgence. Each exquisitely crafted item on the … Continue Reading