Parachute Advansed #DestressYourMom Giveaway

  (The winners for #DestressYourMom is Simar Tara & Megha Shrimali. Please send me your Name, Full Address & Contact number on “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take” Our Mom does so much for us. From running after us to … Continue Reading

Essentials When You Are Not Feeling Well.

I haven’t been feeling well since last 2 days and was wondering what to post on as I couldn’t really move much from my bed and then *Light Bulb* Hey ! I should make a post on all the essentials when I’m not feeling well and as it turns out I really enjoyed doing this post and I’m … Continue Reading

10 Ways To Perk Up When You’re Feeling Low.

Happy New Year !! This year instead of  keeping a yearly resolutions I have kept a Monthly to do List. One of my Things To do for this month is “To post If not everyday then at lest every alternate days on my Blog” So drop by often Ill try and greet you with a … Continue Reading