We’re Not Flocking Around: Feathered Eyebrows Are A Thing Now!

A feather instead of an eyebrow, why not? If you don’t mind tugging at your delicate brows, or you’re always looking to try out an outrageous beauty trend, the featherbrow is here and it’s not as undoable as it appears. The controversial brow-trend was started by Stella.s.makeup, a makeup artist from Helsinki, Finland, who introduced … Continue Reading

How To Take Care Of Your Formal Wear

Even thought we don’t see much of it, I love Mumbai winters. It’s never too hot nor too cold, just perfect. I try making the most of this pleasant weather by bringing out all my cozy sweaters and jackets. For the last few weeks I’ve been spicing up my outfits by adding formal pieces in … Continue Reading

How To: Tackle Monsoons, in style!

Come this time of year, and the smell of wet soil uplifts our senses. For many, it is the most romantic season of the year. But along with it come the dirty feet, delayed transport, and muddy clothes. Here’s a guide to tackling the monsoons in style. · Fabrics – This is perhaps the most … Continue Reading

What Is Baking & How to Bake your Makeup

I often come across some perplexing terms while browsing the internet for the latest in makeup trends. Baking, Strobing, and Clowning, to name a few terms that can leave you confused! While some are best left unexplored, others are worth taking a look into. So today, let’s delve into a technique known as ‘Baking’. Baking … Continue Reading

2 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Night-Outs

I am a complete novice when it comes to intricate hairstyles. Fishtail braids literary give me nightmares; I honestly am in awe of people who can do these beautiful braids and updos. If I try to do a hairstyle from Pinterest I will pretty much end up looking like Johnny Depp from Edward Scissorhands. So … Continue Reading

DIY Tassel – Hidesign “Art Of Reuse”

As a kid I used to love DIYing. I remember spending afternoon creating things, from collecting soda bottle caps to make wind chimes to stitching clothes for my toys. Now that I look back, it has been a while since I DIY’ed anything at all. With busy schedule and hectic lifestyle I guess we have … Continue Reading