How To Get Fit This Summer

The summertime is upon us and we are still trying to recuperate our bodies from all the halwas and barfis of the season gone by. But no woman, no cry. I’ve come up with the perfect plan for you to get back that bikini-body that we all craving for this summer. This is my personal … Continue Reading

25 Songs You NEED In Your Workout Playlist

Whether you like EDM, hip-hop, or anything in-between, a motivating and energising workout playlist is a must. A good playlist will allow you to smash those fitness goals, so I don’t care if you forget everything in your gym bag, just don’t forget those earphones! So whether you use your phone or any other device, load … Continue Reading

Essentials When You Are Not Feeling Well.

I haven’t been feeling well since last 2 days and was wondering what to post on as I couldn’t really move much from my bed and then *Light Bulb* Hey ! I should make a post on all the essentials when I’m not feeling well and as it turns out I really enjoyed doing this post and I’m … Continue Reading