Mumbai Gets More Tech-Savvy With Fitness App: UACTIV

As the world goes digital, Mumbai entrepreneurs, Bhavik Mehta and Atish Chhabria sought out to seal the gaps in our fitness regime with their new and dynamic app – UACTIV (available on iOS and Android). There’s something comforting about sitting behind your mobile phone and getting things done – whether it’s to shop online, place … Continue Reading

How to Start Your Running Routine

Image Credit: What is Your Motivation? Motivation is what drives people to reach beyond what they thought possible. When you establish what your intention is when starting out for a run, the more you can keep yourself inspired to push your limits. Write down what is motivating you and post it where you can … Continue Reading

Review: Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

Healthy living is all the rage today, but managing that is all down to nutrition. With a hectic schedule, managing to get all my fruits and vegetables in for the day is sometimes difficult. I also happen to have the worst cravings when I’m hungry without healthy food in sight. The solution – healthy juices … Continue Reading

How To Get Fit This Summer

The summertime is upon us and we are still trying to recuperate our bodies from all the halwas and barfis of the season gone by. But no woman, no cry. I’ve come up with the perfect plan for you to get back that bikini-body that we all craving for this summer. This is my personal … Continue Reading

25 Songs You NEED In Your Workout Playlist

Whether you like EDM, hip-hop, or anything in-between, a motivating and energising workout playlist is a must. A good playlist will allow you to smash those fitness goals, so I don’t care if you forget everything in your gym bag, just don’t forget those earphones! So whether you use your phone or any other device, load … Continue Reading

How To Get Into Running + My First Half Marathon With Nike

It’s been exactly 4 months since I started my running journey. Dont get me wrong, I’ve been running my whole life, scratch that, we’ve been running our whole lives. We ran as we took our first few excited steps towards our mom when we were toddlers or as kids while we played hide and seek … Continue Reading