Review: Medimix Intimate Hygiene Wash

What Medimix say’s about this product:  Price: Rs. 150 Ingredients: Fragrance: Mild Citrus. Colour of the product: Clear. Shelf life: 12 Months. Net Content: 100 ml. Availability: Easily available everywhere, you can buy it online here.   My thoughts: Over the period of last 1 year I have used and gone through various intimate hygiene washes. … Continue Reading

Review: Lakme Salon’s Marine Body Glow

I am someone who is always on the lookout for the latest in all things beauty, be it skincare, makeup or any beauty related services. With the wedding season still going on in full swing Lakmé Salon have added some new bridal services to their menu. Specially created for the lovely bride to be, to … Continue Reading

5 Things to do to Prevent Acne

Did you know that acne can increase while you are under stress? Your body generally directs bloods and oxygen to the distressed areas. Once your skin becomes deprived of oxygen and blood, it becomes dehydrated and the pores get clogged, causing breakouts. These are the few tips you can try to keep Acne at bay. Washing your Face … Continue Reading

Video: My Night Time Skin Care Routine

Hey guys, a new video is up on my channel. Hope you enjoy it. Please don’t forget to subscribe for more.

Video: My Current Morning Skincare Routine.

  Hey everyone, I am very excited to finally post a video on my youtube channel. I have shot my current morning skincare routine for you guys. Hope you like it.PS: Dont forget to subscribe as a night time skincare routine video is on its way 😀

Shaving Myths Busted!

If you read my post here, you would know that I have recently started shaving. The reason I was so reluctant towards shaving was because of all the myths I have heard about it. Be it the parlor lady who told me “Beta kabhi shave maat karna skin dark ho jayega.” (Please don’t shave as … Continue Reading