Saying that you’re a vegan is a bit risky. You have to be ready for truckload of responsibilities, backlash and questions while the world secludes you for YOUR food choices and thinks YOU’RE a cray-cray person instilling guilt and trying to get more people to join your cult and make sure they are never, NEVER able to leave *takes a deep breath*

It’s been some 5 years I haven’t had milk, 2 years I haven’t had curd, couple of months I haven’t had cheese. My reason for being a plant monster? 50% health 50% environment. And if there’s anything I have learnt through the years, it’s that being a vegan does not HAVE to mean fancy cheese, gourmet salads and Foodhall sprees that don’t hurt. No seriously, you can go to the same local market, cut your budget into half, double your nutrition and JOIN THE BANDWAGON (geddit?)

You do you and there’s nothing more to that, but in case you are looking to turn vegan, here are budget friendly recipes that will neither burn a hole in your pocket nor the environment *smiles*

  1. Morning powerhouse

They say you need a combination of many nutrients in the morning. I throw in some banana, cocoa nibs, nuts, peanut butter, muesli and coconut water in a blender and well it’s done. This one BARELY takes 5 minutes to make, and to make it easier, I use zip locks to freeze fruits for EACH DAY to save myself some time on days I’m running  late. Oh, what a beautiful way to kickstart the day!

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  1. One pot combo

This one’s just the meal when I’m missing some home food, but lack patience. Whoever said you couldn’t prepare Indian meals without ghee and butter didn’t know better. Moong dal takes 15 minutes to cook. Just throw in some cumin seeds in some oil and sauted garlic, and a finely chopped onion, and also tomato (optional). Now blow that whistle baby whistle baby…2 whistles and you’re done. Serve it with some rice. Stop. Complicating. Cooking.

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  1. Vegan Delight

Now how difficult is it to slice up your favorite vegetables sauté them, spread some hummus and also love towards yourself? I sauté some more to serve myself a side salad – and boy, no sandwich tastes fresher and is so customized. This can literally be carried for lunch, prepared a few hours before you leave and hence can save you from some Vada Pav sprees.

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  1. Nasty Pasti

Creamy pasta doesn’t need to come from dairy. It takes 3-4 garlic pieces, some nuts (ANY NUTS!!!), some basil, spinach and olive oil/coconut oil to make some pesto. Add in some coconut cream after cooking this concoction for 5 minutes to enter the vegan creamy heaven. Serve with veggies or not, this is going to be a healthy meal anyway!

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  1. Hummus

This one’s literally a 15 minute hack to a week full of snack prep. Just throw in 2 cups of boiled chickpeas, squeeze in 2 lemons, some salt and pepper, 4-5 pieces of garlic and 4-5 tbsp of olive oil/coconut oil (I like to add some sundried tomatoes too. Now blend, blend, blend. That’s it. Your hummus is ready. Dig in with some carrot/cucumber or flatbread.

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  1. Gazpacho

This is essentially cold soup. What we love about it is, it’s as easy to make as a smoothie. But it’s not for the weak hearted. For the one’s who are experimental – blend in a tomato, onion, green peppers, cucumber (seriously!), salt, pepper, olive oil and a bread without crust (trusttt me!). Now refrigerate and serve as soup. This is a whole nutritious meal under 10 minutes!

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  1. Roasted potatoes!

Who doesn’t like potatoes? Just take some baby potatoes and marinate them with some coconut oil and spices of your choice – now bake for 15 minutes, dip into your fave mint dip or even hummus, and trust me, you’re covered! Pro tip: Clean them properly and leave the potato skin – it tastes heavenly!

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While these are seven recipes to start with, popcorn, gol gappe, French fries, bhel puri, vada pav are all vegan dishes. Hope we were able to share that it’s not tough or expensive to try out a more plant based diet.


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