It’s been a year of major hair colour transformations for me, I started 2019 with a chocolate balayage, moved to rose gold by mid of the year and towards the end opted for Burgundy. Although colored hair phase was fun the constant heat did stress my tress and I’ve decided to give my hair a much-needed break before we start 2020. One of the things I’m incorporating is to try more heatless hairstyles and if you’ve been with me for a while you know your girl is hairstyle-challenged (if there is such a term). If you’re anything like me or just looking for an uncomplicated way to style your hair this season, then you my friend are in the right place. I’ve partnered with my favourite hair care brand BBLUNT to bring you my 2 go-to hairstyles that I’m loving and living in. You can rock these with any outfit and for any occasion so without further ado let’s get into the tutorial.
The No-Fuss Classic Low Bun
This one is my absolute favourite, it can make you feel uber poised and sophisticated minus the heat and the headache
1. Start by making a low loose ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.
2. Right above the hair tie create two sections.
3. Pull your ponytail above and through the section we just created
4. Do the above step until all the hair is through and you’ll have a bun shape
5. Using some bobby pins secure it in place.
6. Taking my trusty BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish, spray a light mist evenly around the hair to add that glossy shine.
7. Use statement hair accessories to elevate the look (optional)
And you’re done! How easy was that? This is the hair do that the boss babe in you will approve.
The Mom’s Braid But Better
The three-strand braid is something that almost anyone can do so what better way to show off your braiding skills (or lack of) than this beachy waves with a slight twist which definitely won’t look like your mom’s done your hair.
1. To create natural waves, take few pumps of BBLUNT High Definition Curl leave-in cream and apply it to damn hair from roots to ends.
2. Scrunch your hair as it begins to dry, for best results flip your hair upside down and scrunch away.
3. Once your hair feels dry, section your hair into two. You can opt for a middle or side parting.
4. Leaving a few strands to frame your face (optional). Grab a section of hair from the crown of your head and part into 3 even pieces.
5. Do a simple braid all the way down and fasten with a hair-tie of the similar colour as your hair to blend it in.
6. Repeat steps 4&5 for the other side.
7. Back comb the section of hair behind the braids to create volume.
8. Take both the braids and wrap around the back and fasten with bobby pins into the teased section of hair.
9. This is optional but you can play with the bobby pins to create fun shapes, like how I’ve created a triangle here & Voila you are done!
With these two effortless hairstyles up your sleeve you are sure to look your hair best even in a rush. To know more about BBLUNT and their arsenal of Hair products check out their official website here:

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