Every trip is an adventure and to make your adventure slightly easier, I’ve compiled a list of helpful travel apps to download as soon you decide on your next getaway. From helping you pack to staying connected, here are 8 of my favorites for whatever the occasion or situation.

When you need help packing: PackPoint
If packing for your trip can be a bit daunting, simply plug your destination into PackPoint, what you’ll be doing there and how long you’re going for, and PackPoint will create a personalized checklist of packing essentials along with suggestive items you may need. All your items will be organized into different categories with quantities so you’ll never have to wonder exactly how many sweaters you’ll need. Each list is customizable and can be edited – delete what’s irrelevant and check off what you’ve packed!

When you want to organize your reservations: TripIt
It’s cumbersome to search for confirmation numbers. Forward all your flight reservations, hotel bookings, tour itineraries, car rental receipts, dinner reservations etc. to plans@tripit.com (or let the app scan your email for reservations) and TripIt will create a clean, easy to read master itinerary for you with all your information in one place. In addition to consolidating, it will also send you helpful alerts such as when to arrive at your flight gate or if your flight is delayed.

When you’d like a bed for a day: Dayuse
If you’ve got a long layover or have to check out of your current hotel hours before your flight, the Dayuse app allows you to book hotel rooms for the day so you can freshen up, shower, get some work done, or just enjoy a swim. You can get rooms next to airports, rooms for an hour or rooms for the day and have full use of each hotel’s amenities – great if you want to use the gym or book a meeting room! Dayuse offers significantly dropped rates between 30% to 75% off their nightly counterparts at 5000 hotels across 25 countries.

When you want to explore like a blogger: TraveLibro
A visual user-generated travel guide, TraveLibro is a platform that allows you to discover the itineraries of top travel influencers and friends. Discover the trips others have made to destinations across the world, along with their favourite spots and hidden local gems.
In addition to discovering inspiration, the app allows you to create a visual travel diary in the form of photos, videos, captions, ratings etc., that you can upload with friends for other travellers to follow. And, if you’d like to preserve your journey in a more tangible way, you can get stories of your travels printed into a beautifully minimal coffee table book.

When you want to hit the ground running: AllTrails
For outdoor explorers, AllTrails provides detailed biking, hiking, running and walking trails wherever you are. You can search trails by skill level, length and rating and then filter trails that are kid-friendly, dog-friendly and have scenic views. It’s a quick way to explore a new place or get lost within nature, user-approved and rated of course.

When you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian food: HappyCow
For vegans and vegetarians, HappyCow is the most comprehensive directories of eateries. Wherever you are, the app will show you a list of vegan or vegetarian restaurants and health food stores. Each restaurant is rated and reviewed by fellow travellers and sorted through by its proximity to you. Available in over 180 countries, Happy Cow covers veg-friendly bakeries, cafes, juice bars, farmers markets, health food stores, and more so you’ll never be hungry again.

When You Need to Connect: WiFi Map
Data roaming can rack up so it’s handy to know where to find free WiFi is abroad. WiFi Map, which is driven by a community of volunteers, shows you where to find free WiFi near you along with passwords (if you need it) and connectivity speed. With the premium version, you can also download maps so you know exactly how to get to your network even when you have none.

When you want to share a memory: Postagram
With our phones always out, especially on vacation, why not turn the digital snapshots you take into something memorable? Postagram lets you create personalized postcards using your own photos which they will then print and mail for you for around the same price (and in the same time) as purchasing and sending a regular postcard.

Tell us where your next trip takes you in the comments. And send us a postagram if you’re feeling inspired 🙂

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