Putting up a selfie on instagram with #nomakeuplook and #nomakeupselfie is goals for you? Or maybe you are just plain bored with your everyday makeup routine and want to go for a completely natural look. But you also don’t want to step out with a bare face. Isn’t it? Admiring your favourite stars and thinking how you too can achieve their no makeup look doesn’t have to be a riddle anymore. Perfecting the no makeup look does require a lot of practice but it isn’t really a far off cry to achieve. With the brilliant tips listed below, you too can fake the no makeup – makeup look easily:
1) Prep your skin properly
You may think that this process starts with the mirror in your bedroom but you should know that this rather starts with your bathroom sink. Well yes! Start off with a clean and moisturized face. Regardless of your skin type, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face so that it doesn’t strip off excess oil from your face. Follow up with a moisturizer that is light-weight and blends in completely. Oily skinned people should use moisturizers that are water-based as they have a light texture and get absorbed in completely without leaving an oily film on face.
2) Skip heavy base
Since the very idea of flaunting a no makeup look is to let imperfections play a peek-a-boo and look natural, do not go for base that offer a full coverage. Otherwise the whole purpose of doing a no makeup look gets defeated. If you have a clear skin, you can get away with a layer of light BB cream and translucent powder. If you have heavy acne to cover, opt for a concealer with a medium coverage. Then go with a layer of light coverage foundation and powder well to set the concealer effectively. Finish off with a makeup setting spray to keep everything in place and to take off the powdered effect, if there’s any.
3) Natural flush
After you have a vigorous workout session, there’s a natural flush you see on your cheeks. That is the very shade you should purchase if you want to fake naturally flushed cheeks. For fair and wheatish skin, it’s usually peach based pinks. For deep skin tones, it’s pinks in the family of brown. Avoid blushes in other colors family as you run the risk of showing that you are wearing makeup. Cream based blushes can be your best bet here.
4) Create fresh looking eyes
If you have heavy dark circles to cover, first neutralize their dark undertones by using an orange corrector. Then follow up with a concealer to cover them decently. If you have light dark circles, use a concealer with light coverage. Set with transparent powder to avoid the concealer from settling into lines. Curl your lashes with a curler. Use a dark Brown/Black mascara to open your eyes. Women with smaller eyes can benefit by using nude eyeliner for an extra wide effect.
5) Play subtly with your lips
Use shades that are ‘my lips but better.’ This means that you need to use shades that are a tone deeper than the natural color of your lips. Don’t go over-board with them. You can also use mood changing lip colors to define your lips subtly. Before using any lip color, you can even contour the shape of lips by using a lip liner that is almost the same shade as that of your natural lips.

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