Have you wondered about the stories behind the pretty pictures with even prettier backdrops? They are surely a treat for the eyes, but there’s a lot of work that goes into creating those dreamy pictures. 

I have heard a lot of comments about influencers living a dreamy life without ever “working.” However, creating good content is a strenuous job that requires creativity and the willingness to constantly explore what can be done better.

On my shoot days, I am usually up before sunrise. Then there are long shoots on sunny and rainy days in different parts of the city. This might come as a surprise to some of you, but most of the pictures that are clicked never go live. I am very choosy about the pictures on my feed and there’s a lot of thought that goes into choosing them. 

Every platform has a different target audience and there’s different content that works on each of them. For content creators as well as those want to create and share engaging content, it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t. 

Many of you have asked how I go about creating content on different platforms. In this blog, I will finally answer the question. 


If you go through my Instagram profile, you will find a lot of warm tones. For someone going through the profile for the first time, the idea is to let pictures pop out and leave a strong visual impression. Along with curated photographs, Instagram is a great place to share spontaneous pictures and videos through Stories. With IG Stories, I can keep my followers updated on a daily basis. 

I spend a lot of time outdoors for shoots, meetings, and travel. There is always something interesting I come across on a daily basis. Be it a new dish that screams deliciousness or a cute puppy, I feel there’s a different emotion every piece of content can evoke. To capture these moments in their full glory, I think good connectivity is key. 

Real time trends and sharing content is critical for me to be relevant to my audiences. This is where a strong network plays a critical role. Among all that I have tried, Airtel 4G is what I rely on always. I can share interesting content in real-time, no matter where I am traveling or shooting. I have found that a lot of people engage when I have a good mix of static posts and spontaneous content. So if you are also keen on establishing a strong presence on Instagram, make sure you have a network you can count on. 


As a platform, Facebook is quite versatile. With a public profile, you can create a following by sharing a variety of content forms: text, images, video, GIFs, etc. Although not my primary option, I still find it useful to promote my blog through my Facebook account. I prefer to schedule my posts ahead of time to insure that my page is active even if i’m travel or caught up with something. 


Twitter is all about creating and sharing thoughts that strikes you whenever, wherever; be it when your are mindlessly stuck in traffic or even when you are in the midst of something. As the platform has a mandatory character limit, you have to be brief and witty at the same time. It’s something I am still working on.

I tend to use the platform for sharing pictures, thoughts and blog links. Using hashtags and tagging relevant handles helps a lot to boost engagement. And of course, there are so many fun and interesting accounts to follow for inspiration. 

Which platform are you the most active on? And what kind of content do you like to follow? Let me know!

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