It’s 7:45 AM on a Monday. I’m already running late but there’s something about Monday mornings that makes it difficult to get out of bed. Nevertheless, I am preparing myself mentally to get back to the grind.

The day is already as chaotic as it can possibly get. We all have such days and they take a toll on us. As I often find myself caught up in this cycle week after week, I wait for a respite. For me, it comes from connecting and communicating, with myself and others. Of course, it is easier said than done. To calm my mind and feel at peace, I find it useful to take out at least 15 minutes from my daily schedule, no matter what.

I use this time to just sit back and step away from everything. Self-introspection, as we call it, is a very powerful means of communication which helps me stay in tune with myself and those around me. These 15 minutes of me time are often the highlight of my day.

After a long work day, when I finally sit down to introspect, I think about every little thing that happened during the day, how I reacted to the smallest and the snuggest of things that came my way. This helps me understand myself better, my thought processes, my beliefs, my negative habits which need to be taken care of. ‘Think. Comprehend. Act. Grow.’ That’s how it works for me.

Apart from communication with myself, I also feel the need to stay connected with those around me. It is a fundamental need for us as social creatures. That’s where my friends come in. For those who are close, I try to catch up every week or fortnight. For those who stay away from me, in another city or another country, I rely on calling and video calling, regardless of where I am,

Sometimes I understand why distance was a barrier among relationships for so many people in the past. I think a lot has changed though. When it comes to staying in touch with friends who live far away, my phone and my network, Airtel, make for a very reliable duo. Even when I am traveling to different parts of the country, the network provides me with full network bars. This makes it possible for me to have a long video call with my best friend and let her know about that one thing that had been bothering me all day long.

Living away from my friends takes a toll at times but I’m so glad that my network makes connecting with my friends a lot easier. Needless to say, my network provider has been crucial in keeping in touch with my friend’s circle. I guess when you choose the right network, there are really no barriers to communication.

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