I was 16 when I first travelled solo. And then, there was no going back. There’s something about this process. Hustling hard, materialising goals, and then taking on the journey to completely unwind.
There’s a myriad of reasons to travel solo (meeting new people, recharging yourself, feeling empowered, leisure yada yada). Whatever might be yours, here’s a push to take time out for yourself.
There’s no better way to reflect and really really live than taking yourself out on a trip. Although Indonesia can have this image of a partygoer hub where things run wild but it’s got much more to offer.  Rice terraces, beaches, waterfalls, cute cafes, romantic escapades and off beat pat adventures, this place is perfect to have an adventure of your lifetime.
Sure with Bali, I packed back a new born sense of gratitude, self respect, love, humility, a much bigger perspective and of course a lot of my fave pod chocolates. Let’s fast track to my treasure troves and ten MUST DOs in Bali!
1. Get the best of both worlds
From the most beautiful villas and resorts (take advantages of cheap stay in Bali!) to lush airbnb’s tucked away in nature – there are SO many accommodation options to choose from. I stayed at the airbnbs – The Spare Room, Firefly (check it out, you’ll thank me later), Salty Shakas and the beautiful hotel Villa D’uma.
2. Flush the FOMO
FOMO and discontentment go hand in hand. There’s going to be uncountable things for you to do. The trick is –  stop overthinking your plan. Wake up early in the morning or in the noon, and take it slow. There’s going to be a few things you’ll miss, but trust me, you’re going to have the time of your life anyway!
3. Dive in, quite literally
From a snorkelling trip in the Gilli Islands, surfing lessons in Canggu to deep diving in Nusa penida. Let’s just say – life inside the ocean is worth experiencing. Spot a turtle, underwater sculptures, corals and swim with the fishies.
4. Pack smart
Beach shoes (Sea urchin spikes are a nightmare, trust me on this one), sunscreen (you will still get that amazing tan sans the sun burn), a mini water bottle (you know water solves all problems) and your usual skincare. Remember to pack light, it’s key. You’ll sweat like there’s no tomorrow, so pack all your comfort summer faves.
5. Visit the Gili Islands
There’s a Gili for everyone. Gili T for the party ones, Gili Air for the ones who like to sit back and Gili Meno for the ones who want to be secluded. Enjoy your night at an open theatre or sit at the beach during sunset. Fall in love with yourself, once again.
6. Walk around 
Hidden gems go beyond google, taxis and motorbikes. You’ll find the best places while you walk. Ditch the regular city life and look around.  Culture (influenced by Hinduism) is every where you look and locals are super sweet. It’s very safe to walk around. But if you’re in the middle of nature, suggest carrying a flashlight
7. Did someone say food?
While Bali has food for someone with any diet, it’s vegan heaven. You’ll see vegan gelato shops and cafes everywhere. And oh, do go to a Warung (small shop) and have a buffet meal. Don’t forget to try out Mei Goreng and Nasi Goreng!
8. Shopping
While we wouldn’t concentrate on shopping, taking back a few things or a part of bali with you would be great. Canggu, Ubud and Seminyak have some amazing boutiques that have designer clothes but also flee markets for souvenirs and local apparel and home décor (sooooo good in Ubud!)
9. Spend your day at a beach club
Who said beach clubs were only for a group scene? Rent a bed, sip on your favorite cocktail, jump into an infinity pool, enjoy a meal and watch the sunset. It cannot get better. Frinns Beach Club (Canggu) and Lumbung beach club (Gilli Air) are my favoriteee!
10. Nurture the body and mind
Yoga, cooking, soap making, visiting the monkey forest, taking a ferry to the Nusa islands, eating, reading, shopping, massages (YOU HAVVVVE TO), trek, visit rice terraces, waterfalls, tea or fruit plantations. The list is never ending.
There’s so much to discover and love in Indonesia, and the most fun way to experience it is, doing it your way.  It’s got more than a little something for every kind of traveller. It’s safe to say I’ve fallen hard for this place.

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