Though I like to embrace spontaneity in some aspects (Read: binge-watching on days I have to be up early and giving in to the temptation of a chocolate cake on my cheat day), there are things I can’t do without. These things are such an integral part of my routine that I don’t usually think about them as such.

I wanted to share some of them as you guys might find it useful.

A hearty breakfast:

On some days I prefer oats and nuts, on other I prefer poha. But a good breakfast is mandatory as I need it to for an energetic morning. Otherwise, I end up feeling lethargic for the rest of the day.


My day feels incomplete without a mandatory cup of chai. Be it summer or winter, I always look forward to my daily cuppa.


I have read a lot about how just giving a few minutes to your skincare routine can be so helpful. So I try to be diligent in my daily beauty regimen. Some of these practices are pretty basic, but I have found to be very effective.

-Washing my face twice a day to get rid of dirt and particles

-Moisturizing to make sure my skin remains nourished

-Applying sunscreen every time before stepping out

-Removing makeup before bed

-Using a natural clay mask once a week.

Getting my dose of entertainment:

Call it a craving or an indulgence, but I have grown increasingly fond of streaming popular TV shows. My friends make sure that I know about Black Mirror, The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel and BoJack Horseman. Especially when I am travelling, streaming new episodes are the best thing to stay engaged. Though I try to watch not more than one or two episodes every day, you guys probably know how hard it can be to exit instead of letting the next episode load. More so when the internet on phones have become so fast. I don’t remember the last time the video buffered while streaming on my Airtel 4G connection. Quite recently I travelled to Lonavala and the hotel WiFi there was very patchy. So I happily used Airtel 4G for hours of buffer-free streaming! So glad that my network always makes sure I get my daily dose of entertainment.


Sitting still for even 15 minutes is really harder than it seems. But I guess I have gotten better at it. And keeping up with this part of my routine has been very helpful to help start each day with a sense of confidence and calm.


Tuning off everything that bothers me and immersing myself in a book is a kind of escape. I try to set aside some time for reading every day.

Being thankful:

Following the stories of instant fame and success around us can sometimes make us feel inadequate. Even as we keep working on our goals, I think it is important to be thankful for what we have during our journey.

At the end of the day, I am always thankful for the experiences I have had and the people who have supported me all along. I believe this simple act can make quite a difference.

What are some things that are an essential part of your routine? Do let me know!

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