A round-up of some of the very best things to do in the metropolitan city each month…


Movies: The Short Screenings
On the 5th of April, the CineShorts Film Appreciation Club screens a selection of short indie films at the creative Castiko Space. The four films are directed by Mithun Bajaj, Aneeta Patel, Venky AV and Sameer Mishra and Sandeep Jha and tell stories that range from a glimpse into the competitive world of Indian ice hockey to the difficulty of pledging your loyalty to the mafia. A gathering of good film and good conversation with like-minded people, this is a must for cinephiles of all shapes and sizes.

To know more: https://insider.in/the-short-screenings-apr5-2019/event


Food and Drink: Americano
Chef Alex Sanchez from The Table displays his culinary skills and his love for Italian food at his new neighbourhood joint, Americano. Nestled within the heart of the Kala Ghoda / Fort area, Americano serves straight up but delicious American-inspired Italian fare. Think flavourful dishes like hand-stretched pizza topped with Brussels sprouts, handmade spaghetti noodles, spiced corn on the cob and roast chicken paired with handcrafted cocktails inspired by Mumbai, all plated within a palette of blues reminiscent of the Italian Mediterranean.

To know more: https://www.americanobombay.com


Workshops: The Raw Class by Sharan
For nutrition enthusiasts, the masters of holistic health and clean eating share their expertise with a raw cooking class on April 17th. Raw, or minimally processed prepared food, delivers the maximum goodness of the ingredients within. Sharan promises to deliver this with a demonstration that consists of eight raw dishes, including party favorites like lemon cheesecake, lasagne and sushi.

To know more: https://sharan-india.org/events/the-raw-class/


Talk: Beta & Beyond: The Fashion Edition at Istituto Marangoni
On the 12th of April, Dysco brings in a group of professionals from the fashion industry for an intimate discussion on the fashion world. Listen to acclaimed stylists, writers, photographers and designers share their insider stories and expertise in building a career in fashion. Part discussion, part networking, the event is open to students, professionals, brands and fashion enthusiasts to discover new jobs, uncover fresh opportunities and meet potential makers and collaborators.

To know more: https://www.dyscoapp.com/events/beta-beyond-the-fashion-edition-at-istituto-marangoni/


Art: Art Night Friday
Explore the midtown art scene with an art walk hosted by the Mumbai Midtown Arts Collective (MMAC). Starting at Tao Art Gallery and ending at the Piramal Museum of Art, the MMAC takes you through four guided gallery tours and finishes with a networking mixer at Café Zoe. Enjoy extended gallery hours, a rap performance and a welcome drink to start (or end) the party.

To know more: https://insider.in/art-night-friday-apr12-2019/event?fbclid=IwAR3TyD_QyDQ7qFqQviNwbICR3aus8_WmuEfscfAo1fxMyvfSUrMK8O0CF8Y

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