I think life would be impossible without my phone.  

My day starts with checking the latest social media updates. Throughout the day, I end up surfing the net, calling friends, clients and texting acquaintances all over the world. And of course, I end my day by streaming a TV show. (I am currently watching Suits. I seem to lose track of time every night.)

Phew! Needless to say, poor network connectivity can simply make life annoying and troublesome for me. Until recently, I was fed up of making a simple call. Even inside my home, I had to find a place by the window to get one more signal bar to connect.

And after calling someone, I can’t forget the endless hellos before even getting to the point. The data connectivity wasn’t great either. I still remember the day I wasted half an hour on simply booking a cab. After stepping out, I realized I couldn’t do so because data connection was slow despite full network bars!  

That’s when I realized how much a good network really matters. As most of my time is spent at home, a network that only works well outside is of little use. After a couple of embarrassing call drops, I really needed to switch. After all, working on your own means staying in reach for clients.


Thankfully, life has been a lot better after switching to Airtel. My friends don’t have trouble reaching me and tasks such as ordering food or a cab online are just as easy as they are supposed to be. I recently read how Airtel is boosting its indoor network coverage with a technology called LTE 900. With this technology, the network signal is better able to get through walls and barriers to allow for seamless calling and data surfing inside closed spaces.

I guess that’s how I am able to stream my favorite shows without any interruption. (Also, when I want to tune out of the world for a while, I can’t say I was out of network area. Ahem). Most importantly, I don’t need to keep walking around the house to find a better signal.

Some of my friends have also been fed up with their networks. So I have also recommended them to use Airtel. After all, we live in a time when we like to stay connected at all times.

What’s your network experience like? Do let me know in the comments.

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