As I journey through my initial years of adulthood, 2018 has brought lots of learning – from the mundane everyday stuff, to larger life goals. I believe that I’ve learnt many things that have made life more fulfilling and peaceful. I hope this list gives you guys a chance to reflect on the year you’ve had too.

Go for it: we all have a picture of how we want things to be, but for many reasons it’s not always easy getting there. I’ve been held back from doing what I love many times before and I’ve allowed these obstacles to dictate how I spend my time. I learnt this year that, obstacles are meant to be challenged and making something happen solely depends on you. Having your mind fixed on something is not always bad!

Write everything down: ideas pop into heads from some former thought process in your own head – don’t waste your ‘thinking time’ by not writing down that amazing idea! Write down errands, to do lists, you may even find journaling therapeutic during stressful times. Make writing a habit and watch yourself do more!


Appreciate everyone: I used to have a very firm opinion on the kind of company I wanted to keep and that limited me from discovering deeper friendships outside my circle. I learnt this year that everyone is vulnerable, mixed up and there is no reason why I should stop myself from doing what feels right, even if it feels slightly uncomfortable at first.

Optimism pays off: If you believe that love trumps all, then there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t hope for the best. Having a negative attitude when you start things sets off more bad thoughts, until they become uncontrollable. I almost always regret being negative or anxious about a situation when there was really no need to be.


So does exercising: apart from my brief stint in the gym and my slightly longer stint at yoga, physical exercise was really non-existent in my life. I only just learnt that it’s not about what you do during the exercise initially, but more about forming the habit of being active for a certain portion of the day. Once you have that, it’ll become a part of your lifestyle and make you feel a lot healthier and happier.

Nothing is perfect: We don’t always understand why things are the way they are and acceptance can sometimes be a challenge. Our society is a reflection of us, so, if it’s not perfect, how can any one person be? There will always be something rough happening in your life, and we all have our own ways to deal with it. I’ve learnt that expressing how I truly feel about my issues to people I can trust helps me to understand how to deal with them better.

Let us know what you learnt this year down in the comments.

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