Discovering your unique style and putting it out there for the world to see has never been easy. Bigo’s ‘Like’ is a video editing App where you can add effect to your videos to make them stand out on your social media. There are many famous celebrities like Sunny Leone, Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh who use this App to create social media content. They also have accounts that have generated millions of followers. As part of their recent #HappyDiwali contest– this App is giving away exciting prices. So download the app here and get started!

Special features that make it different from other editing Apps

I downloaded the App and instantly started experimenting with it, there is really so much you can do – from adjusting the speed, adding filters, effects add music and changing your background. I’ve never seen any editing application with so many features! It’s good for beginners as well as seasoned social media users because it really takes your creativity to a new level with the many different things you can do on it.

With the “4D Magic” feature, you can change your background (to Super Mario, Jurassic world, spooky… etc.) multiple times in one video. To do this you must be wearing dark clothes and stand against a white wall – an instructional video will be given below so you learn how to do this. Other features include adding shimmer, hearts and other quirkier effects, the colour and size of these effects can also be adjusted. It’s fairly simple to use but some practice is needed to create your final masterpiece.

The other form of video content is “Dialogue Acting” where you can select an audio clip from a movie and act it out. there is also ‘superpower’ mode in which you can do superhero movements in the video clip, for instance Superman flying upwards etc. There are so many other features but I haven’t had to really explore all, will keep you guys updated on my journey with the LIKE app, though.

What else you can do on the App

Apps like Instagram are now saturated, so getting your content to a viewer in more difficult. This App is fairly new and country-centric so generating a large following here will be much easier. You can search hashtags and users, follow people but the added advantage here is that people can send you gifts (diamonds and beans) which can be converted into real cash. That’s a good incentive to create and show off your talents!

The modern world is a creative persons paradise – all you need is a decent smartphone and a passion to create. I’m excited to use the app more and create fun short videos with friends, it’s a great way to get your creative juices flowing while earning some mulah!

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