We have all been there. And quit in despair. Persuading smokers to quit is a task in itself. It’s made harder by the cravings they have after missing a smoke or two. But I found help was at hand.

Whenever I asked one of my good friends about his smoking habit, he usually told me, “I can’t live without it”. I could only stare back and end the conversation. After a certain point, he understood that the habit was overpowering him. That’s when he came to me and asked for a solution. I suggested him to try e-cigarettes. The brand I heard a lot about was Eon Charge and I knew it’ll be an economical and better alternative to deal with the quitting anxiety.

It was a new beginning for him. With vaping, he has been able to wean himself off smoking cigarettes and has thanked me for recommending a viable alternative.

My friend told me how a lot of people get into smoking for the charm of holding up a lighted cigarette and in some ways, find their place in a circle of smoking friends. A solution like a nicotine patch takes care of the cravings but doesn’t get close to the feeling of having a cigarette in one’s hands.


An e-cigarette like Eon Charge gets pretty close to a traditional cigarette. In fact, it would be hard to tell apart the two at first glance. Except for the harmful smoke, the experience is the same. It replicates everything smokers love about smoking without as many harmful effects.

My friend also thanked me for helping him save a large chunk of his money every month. Many smokers can attest to the fact that smoking turns out to be a pretty expensive habit. Vaping is a viable option in this aspect as well.

He was quite satisfied with the fact that he could reuse the main vaping unit and just replace the cartridge that gives up to 250 puffs! I think that should last a while, even for seasoned smokers.

It’s not surprising to see so many people prefer vaping over smoking. Vaping takes care of the nicotine urge and ensures you don’t breathe in smoke that also pollutes the environment. In short, you’re doing yourself and the environment a favour.
So if you know someone who needs help to quit smoking, you know a really good option.


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