Another company treads the sustainable path, and I for one cannot be happier. Titan Eyeplus and Goonj have come together this month to help the people with visual impairment. You can donate your spectacles (the ones you’ve outgrown) at any Titan Eye Plus store across the country and it will be sterilised and made good to reuse for the people in need. As a token for your generosity, you can avail 20% off of any Titan Eyeplus frame of your choice. This scheme runs until the 14th of May, however generosity doesn’t stop there, donate anything you no longer use to Goonj all year round and they will make sure it reaches the right people.

#IForEye With Titan Eyeplus

Almost 550 million people in India have vision problems, of which only 30% have been able to get spectacles. Imagine going about your days with impaired vision – doing tasks like driving, cooking, reading, watching tv, etc. without being able to see properly and then suffering from headaches because you’ve strained your eyes. It’s unfair, but now we have a chance to help the underprivileged.

I have collected at least 10 pairs of cheap sunglasses over the years, that lie in a drawer, untouched, unused and mostly forgotten. Those glasses serve me no purpose and I wish I had donated them to Goonj sooner. Now, when I open that drawer, I’m reminded of the 10 people who’ve been able to overcome their battles with vision impairment and are living a little better. I’m sure you too have glasses lying around that you haven’t used in a long time, donate them and spread the gift of clear vision in your community.

#IForEye With Titan Eyeplus

Our eyesight is something we should be grateful for having, we spend our days constantly using our eyes for mindless and focus activities, and any impairment to them makes any task more difficult. Titan in association with Goonj is setting a noble benchmark for other corporates to have charitable outreach programs every once in a while. I try and include messages of sustainability in my posts as much as possible, and I’ll keep impressing the importance of it whenever I get the chance. Such program is integral for any community, especially for a large nation like India where there’s a vast gap between the rich and the poor where one persons ‘waste’ can be used for the betterment and in-turn happiness of someone else. As each of us does our part to serve the community, it is important to keep giving, where it doesn’t cost you.

#IForEye With Titan Eyeplus1

While at the Titan Eyeplus store make sure to try out their latest collection of glasses. The summer inspired ‘Flip-on’ line is sure to make this heat a lot more bearable. This one-of-its-kind collection is a boon for people who wear spectacles, you no longer need to carry two separate glasses. The design of this product is made in such a way that you can easily switch between your prescription glasses to your sunnies with the ‘Flip-on’ mechanism. The product comes with a magnetic clip-on front which allows you to attach and detach your sunglasses. These unconventional frames are priced at INR 2995 and come in 4 different styles!

The ‘Infinia‘ collection is another new line by Titan Eyeplus. This however is a lot more dainty and feminine, as it’s inspired by feather, dandelion, dragonflies and butterflies, but go for it boys, we don’t discriminate here! They come in signature silhouettes like Cat Eye, P3 Round and Clubmaster in shades of grey, black, purple and nude. Some frames incorporate the delicate wings of a dragonfly and others have feather detail in the temple area. These frames will really make you stand out because they are so different and quirky. If that follows your personal style, I highly recommend you check them out!

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