Flavoursome, light and hydrating, soup is a necessity on those evenings you don’t know what to eat and your stomach is rumbling too much for you to think. Instead of reaching for the instant pasta or the treacherous but yummy noodles, instant soup can satisfy your hunger, taste buds and will not make you feel gross and bloated.

Saffola Active is now making instant soups in five flavours – ‘Spicy Manchow’, ‘Tangy Tomato’, ‘Creamy Sweet Corn’, ‘Sizzling Hot & Sour’, and ‘Mixed Vegetable’, these soups have five times more fibre than other packet soups in the market. I love soup, so I was particularly excited about trying and reviewing the Tangy Tomato flavour.

When we can’t enjoy the luxury of drinking a soup that was made from scratch, modern life has given us a way to enjoy a soup minus the hard work. There’s no doubting that convenience conquers after a long day at work and you want to eat something that requires little to no effort. This product is a necessity for us scatter-brained fitness and career freaks who feel like we have too much on our plate, and no time to plan and cook dishes that are both easy to whip up and not full of calories or harmful substances.

There are so many occasions I recall needing a quick snack and have reached for potato chips or instant noodles and completely regretted it half way through eating it. You invest so much time in your work outs and looking up healthy alternatives for this and that, but those consecutive days eating junk can wipe out all your progress. If you’ve committed to a work out routine, eating more salads and other unspeakable healthy things, a quick, easy and healthy soup sounds pretty good! Our erratic fast paced urban lives demand instant food products, as they form a gateway between a hectic day and easy and light night. We’ve all had those days where we are too tired to eat, so at least this way you’re getting some food in your belly and the regret meter stays low.


I tried the Tangy Tomato soup and I give it a 7 for taste, 10 for preparation wise and 6 for nutrition.

It’s very difficult to mess up as compared to other instant meals and it literally took 5 minutes from start to finish. Like other instant soups, I was expecting this to be watery, but it was surprisingly thick and packed with a lot of favour. It was tangy, with a slight hint of spice suited for our Indianised palettes.  I added some shredded parmesan to the soup that formed little blobs of cheese in every bite which I do recommend if you’re a cheese lover. I wish I had some basil leaves to stir into the soup whilst cooking it, which I reckon would’ve enhanced the taste.

  1. Empty entire contents of pack in 4 cups of water (600ml)
  2. Place on stove/hot plate and bring to boil while stirring continuously to avoid lumps
  3. Simmer for 3 minutes and serve hot

Available at grofers.com in two sizes, 11gm for Rs. 9 (serves one) and 53 gm for Rs. 55 (serves four)


Saffola Active Soups would be our go-to on those hungry evening where our heart wants something tasty and our body wants something quick! This soup is made with 100% real vegetables, no added preservatives and the fibre content is equal to one chapatti. In order to make your soup more filling, add healthy toppings or sides, you can even drop some Makahanas into your soup, it’ll soak up the flavour and also be nutritious, filling and low cal.

Have you tried any of the flavours yet? If yes, which one is you’re favourite?

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