The news of a baby entering your family or friend circle is always welcomed with pure joy and excitement. But, the months leading up to the big day are the most vulnerable for the mom, as she goes through various changes that affect her skin (soreness, rashes, acne etc.), emotions and digestion. During these months, it is imperative for mothers to maintain themselves in a healthy and hygienic manner (partners can help with encouragement) so that the birth of her child is as smooth as possible. Himalaya’s FOR MOMS range is a complete personal hygiene kit for new or expecting moms with products like body butters, a massage oil and specialised products for your lady-parts. Because it’s Himalaya, you can expect the quality to be safe and effective but also affordable – the complete range falling under 1200 rupees!

Anti-Rash Cream – Effectively heals rashes. Relieves itching.

Price: Rs.140 – Net Content: 50g

You may experience excessive sweating during pregnancy which could cause rashes – this mostly occurs around the breasts, under the stomach, in the armpits and between the thighs. The cream contains key ingredients such as Yashada Bhasma (antiseptic and antimicrobial properties as well as moisture locking capabilities), Aloe Vera, Almond Oil and Manjishtha, which work collectively to reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin. The recommended usage is twice daily, however, it goes without saying – show your Gynac any rash developments before treating it yourself.

Soothing Body Butter Cream – Intensely moisturises. Deeply nourishes.

Price: Rs.295 – Net Content: 200ml

As I said above, your skin goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy such as, breakouts, stretch-marks or excessive hair growth which means it needs extra nourishment.  Himalaya’s body butters moisturise as well as relieves any itching (which happens when skin becomes dry). The cream comes in three fragrances, Lavender (Calming), Rose (Uplifting), and Jasmine (Rejuvenating) that calm the senses while hydrating you. The main ingredients in this butter is Cocoa Butter– that helps retain skin moisture.

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Toning Massage Oil – Tones and firms skin. Relieves stress and pain.

Price: Rs.187 – Net Content: 200ml

During pregnancy, a women deals with morning sickness, weight gain, her feet getting bigger, and other unpleasant bodily changes. A good massage can calm the mind and body as well as make you flexible and toned. Massages stimulate blood circulation which reduces any pain or swelling, giving you better sleep and improved milk secretion. So why not? the lavender aroma of the oil balances your mood and leaves you relaxed. The oil contains Sesame Oil, known to firm skin in Ayurveda, it also hydrates skin and contains antioxidants. Country Mallow (Bala in Ayurveda) strengthens muscles and joints and finally Winter Cherry and Aloe Vera, which calms and conditions skin. Massage this into your body before bathing.

Nipple Care Butter – Soothe, heal and protect dry, cracked and sore nipples.

Price: Rs.70 – Net Content: 20g

Due to regular feeding, your nipples may experience swelling, cracks, and itchiness. Cleaning the area harshly and excessively, tend to make your nipples dry and sore. Containing Kokum Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil, this cream has many antiseptic, cooling and moisturising properties. Gently massage this onto your nipple and areola, but wipe off before breastfeeding. Get advice from your Gynac on how you can best use a product like this.

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Intimate Wash – Gently cleanses and refreshes. Prevents odour and irritation.

Price: Rs.205 – Net Content: 200ml

Due to hormonal changes, your vagina has more bacteria and fungus during pregnancy, so an intimate wash is a must in your bathing routine. Further, this aids in maintaining the right pH balance for your vagina as other soaps may be too harsh. It contains Tea Tree Oil that relieves itching and irritation and Pongamia Oil that contains antifungal properties and helps with odour. Use this externally, in a front to back direction, lather and wash off. The recommended usage is twice a day or as directed by your doctor.

Nursing Wipes – Maintains breast hygiene. Softens and protects nipples.

Price: Rs.190 – Net Content: 72s

Another not so exciting thing that happens when you’re pregnant is that you can start lactating abruptly so make sure you always keep good quality wipes on you to clean off. Maintaining breast hygiene is a priority at this time as the baby will be in direct contact with it when the time comes. This wipe helps remove any sweat or milk and preps you for breastfeeding (made with edible Coconut Oil) and can be used after to clean up as well. Your nipples are bound to feel some soreness, both because of the milk production and the fact that your baby is sucking on it, this can cause dryness which can lead to cracked skin and then infection – so make sure you’re cleaning the area without drying it out. Dispose after one use and reseal the packet so the wipes maintain their quality.

Intimate Wipes –  Gently cleanses and refreshes. For convenient personal hygiene.

Price: Rs.104 – Net Content: 25s

This product goes hand in hand with the intimate wash, because of the vulnerable state of a pregnant women’s body, it is important to keep it clean down there at all times! These wipes are the modern world’s solution to keep you at your best at all times. The two main ingredients used are Lavender Oil (eliminate odour) and Pongamia Oil (reduces irritation and dryness). Use this externally only, in a front to back direction, one wipe at a time and needless to say – dispose it afterward.

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