Being a beauty enthusiast and a blogger I’m always on a hunt for new makeup & skin care products. As I battle with acne, skincare has always been very important to me, hence I don’t remember the last time I went to bed with my makeup on. Oils, balms, creams, wipes when it comes to removing my makeup I think I’ve tried it all.

My usual makeup removing routine was: Apply olive oil to my face and massage. Splash water on my eyes, try and get rid of as much mascara as I can. Apply coconut oil to my eyes and massage. Take a cotton pad, wet it and start removing my makeup and finally wash it with a face wash.

Side note: Wondering why I use two different Oils? Olive oil stings my eyes to the point where its red and coconut oil (on my face) clogs the pores leading to breakouts.


Last year while I was juggling between various oils & cleansing milks, a PR sent across (Thank you!) the ‘Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil’ for me to try. I didn’t give it much thought then and would use it on and off. One night I came home pretty late (5 AM) after finishing off one of my gigs and the last thing I want to do was to remove my makeup, I just wanted to crash. Because I’ve always been adamant about removing my makeup (no one wants to wake up next day – lipstick smeared and a huge zit on their forehead). I knew I wanted something that would get the job done quickly. Without thinking much I headed to the desk and picked up the Khiels cleansing oil which I must say comes with a very convenient pump dispenser (hallelujah!) I took three pumps, slattered it all across my face, sleeply headed to the wash basin while massaging it in, added a little water on my palms and started going in circular motions, few splashes of water later I realised all my makeup was GONE! just like that within seconds, no wipes, cotton pads needed that was the quickest I have ever taken my makeup off.

And kids… that’s how I met the best makeup remover ever! (Please excuse the sad ‘How I met your mother’ reference). Like the name suggests, Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil is made up of pure botanical oils – Squalane for skin, a planted-derived lipid with a natural affinity for the skin, Evening Primrose Oil, rich in Omega-6 Fatty Acids, and Lavender Essential Oil. It has a oil to cleansing milk formula which is lightweight, non-comedogenic (which means it won’t break you out!) and removes all your makeup in a jiffy without making your skin feel dry. The whole convenience factor is why it is my favorite makeup remover. Now having said all of that, nobody’s perfect not even this beautifully packed Midnight Recovery Cleansing oil. This baby comes with a hole-in-your-wallet price tag – Rs. 3200 for 175 ml  (SAY WHAT!). After a couple of months of religiously using this product, I’m almost at the end of it and the huge price tag is the only reason why I’m thinking twice about repurchasing it. I know I may not have the courage to buy it myself but I shall lure my mom into buying one for me as a present (evil laugh).


Final verdict: If you are someone who has the mullah and is looking for something which will get the job done quickly and would still be gentle on your skin then look no further this might be the best cleansing oil in the market!

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