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A new day means new opportunities, but the first of Jan fuels our desire to evolve and let go of all our past mistakes like none other. Twelve months is a good amount of time to solidify your place in a new field – if you don’t feel the need to introduce anything new in the coming year, then this is also a good time to perfect existing good habits. Here are 18 goals we recommend if you want to slay the new year:

1. Declutter: Make room for the things you love by sorting out your room or house and Giving away or donating obsolete items. You will find that only having the things you want and knowing where everything in your room/house is, makes you feel more in control and also make your tasks at home easier and more efficient. Organise your space such that every item has its own place and that place was intentionally and ergonomically chosen for it – for instance, keeping your reading glasses and book near your bed so you can read at night without getting up a couple of times.

2. Improve your fitness regiment: No new years resolution would be complete without words like ‘workout’ or ‘get fit’. If you’re not into workout’s but want to get a little more fit, take the stairs instead of the lift (only going up, walking downstairs puts pressure on your knees) or skipping that coffee and opting for green tea instead. If you’re a gym-goer, then maybe take your fitness game to next level by trying out different techniques during your workout or trying out that kickboxing class you’ve been interested in.

3. Eating: Make small changes in your diet such as eating more fruits and veggies and less take-out, there is so much junk in the world that passes off as food because it is tasty, so learn to be more conscious of what you consume. Further, try eating at the appropriate time, even if you wake up late, stick to traditional food timings to keep your body track. Snack on things like makhana or nuts if you’re hungry between meals but don’t eat four hours before your sleep time, this messes up your body’s ability to regenerate properly and slows your metabolism down which leads to weight gain.

4. Sleep: For those of you with 9 to 5  jobs, sleeping on time and waking up early is not a lot of effort, but for the rest of us – freelancers, singers and actors, artists, etc., managing ones schedule is crucial for success. Avoid sleeping during the day and get at least seven hours of sleep at night. Millennials are known to sleep for 4-5 hours, so make sure your lights are off at 10pm every night so your eyes are prepped for bed.

5. Guzzle Up!: Start your day by drinking a glass or two of water before breakfast, drink at least 2-3 litres of water through the day and make sure you’re doing this daily. Water contains important nutrients that maintains a balance of your bodies fluids, and energises your muscles and skin, it is also calorie-free so helps in weight loss etc.

6. Take care of your body: Think of your body as a vehicle, something you need to service internally and externally, so take more interest in keeping fit and grooming yourself every now and then. Simple things like doing a monthly cleanse to keep your gut healthy, or treating yourself with a pedicure or spa once in a while will give your body and mind the re-set it needs.

7. Eat, Sleep, Travel, Repeat: Travel makes you grow as a person as it enriches you with awareness and experiences, no matter how far or close, make it a point to leave your house more frequently. If you can’t afford an international trip right now, unwind by exploring India – you’ll also learn a thing or two about your heritage and culture which is something a lot of Indians living in cities struggle with.

8. Annual health checkups: Visit your general practitioner and any other doctors you go to regularly, – for instance the dermatologist, dentist, gynaecologist etc. There is a list of tests you should do when you’re in your twenties so you could follow that list or ask your family doctor to recommend one.

9. Investment and saving:  There are tremendous benefits associated with investing at a young age, so if you haven’t already, make it a part of your 2018 agenda. On similar lines, try and consciencely increase your saving capacity. In order to help you keep an account of your money, maintain a money journal and write down each time you spend money. Customise it by making lists of priority items or items on your Wishlist, so you know what to buy when you have the cash. Keep a bills and debts trackers so all your bills are paid on time, see what works for you – there are many helpful videos on Youtube on journaling.

10. Do not waste money: Cut down on unnecessary expenses like meaningless trips to the mall or Amazon shopping, don’t get us wrong we believe in treating yo’self but not every day. Instead, start selling things that you no longer actively use and put that money towards your savings. Another thing us millennial are notorious for, is buying stuff that we don’t really need – this depletes your bank balance and is also a bad habit that you need to work on. Get full use out of the things you buy and don’t mindlessly spend money.

11. Charity goals: Be more responsible towards your community by giving back in the form of money, clothes or education. Keep 2-5% of your monthly income for charity and donate blood when you’re feeling fit.

12. Kinder to parents: Connect with your parents and the rest of your family. These bonds will remain with you throughout your life and will be your backbone when you face rough times. Our schedules have become increasingly tiresome so opportunities with family or friends are often interrupted or left incomplete. Try and plan ahead and make the people you love a priority so you are not missing out on the important things.

13. Do more: Raise your potential in the new year by taking on more challenges and setting the bar higher. There are many times we hold ourselves back for various reasons but this year make it your motto to not hold back but take up new challenges. This is a general goal, but the most important as we don’t know our potential until we are pushed, and even then we could probably go higher.

14. Relationship with self: Create a list that will pull you out of a bad space – depression has been highlighted a lot lately, and everyone is prone to it. Practice mindfulness in order to live in the present or meditate for a few minutes everyday to centre yourself and give your mind some clarity. Keep a journal in which you write all the things you’re grateful so you are reminded daily of all the reasons you should be slaying your day. The “present and future me” journal is also a spirit lifter as you draw what you interpret your present self as, and on the next page you draw your future self, and by drawn it, you are brought closer to the person you’ve drawn.

15. Books: Like getting fit, reading is another New Years resolution we’ve all heard too much about – and with reason. There are so many books out there that you can learn from, whether they are self-help, fiction, non-fiction, biographies etc. When you read a book make sure you learn all the terms used, highlight sections, take notes, write down inspiring lines in a notebook or on a sticky note. Even reading a book you’ve already read before is immensely helpful as you will learn more on your second reading. If you can’t make the habit stick, start by only reading 5 pages a day, you will inevitably read more, and if the book is good, you will not want to put it down. An alternative to reading is listening to audiobooks, – this is my personal favourite whilst taking my daily walks.

16. Skill building courses or online courses: Thanks to platforms like Youtube and similar websites, learning any skill is now so easy! Make a list of at least 3 things you want to learn this year – for instance, how to use photoshop, a new language or playing the guitar and pursue them. Check out – Skillshare, Coursera, Udacity, Alison and MIT OpenCourseWare these are some reliable online sites you can learn just about anything. Learning skills can help boost your career or can contribute to your personal development.

17. Make a morning routine: Try waking up a couple of hours earlier in the morning so you can indulge in a healthy hearty breakfast, meditate, make a day plan, do some exercises etc. Make sure you have a plan for these couple of hours, otherwise you’re not going to get much out of it. Don’t wake up at 5am and then watch Netflix for 2 hours – unless that’s your job. Being a morning person makes you more productive throughout the day and is a better time to work out as you burn more fat earlier in the day.

18. Spend time filling your time with love and positive energy: The best way to make the coming year brighter is to surround yourself with positive energy, whether it be at work or at home with family – and don’t settle for anything less. You can practice chants like Nam Myo Renge Kyo or philosophies like the law of attraction to bring goodness into your life.


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