With a plethora of hair removal methods, it becomes a rather major decision to take when it comes to personal grooming. Some are painless, while some are more effective – it’s all about picking your battles when it comes to hair removal. Though in some cultures, body hair is not considered a sign of unkemptness, it’s not the same in India. With thicker hair growth, we are accustomed to removing hair as soon as they appear. Choosing the wrong method, however, can cause irritations and ingrown hair. Here’s a little help in picking out the best hair removal method for you.

1. Shaving

It is one of the most inexpensive and easily accessible methods of removing hair. You don’t have to visit the salon, you can just do it in the shower, all by yourself. In fact, it the best for last minute plans and most women often keep it as a secondary, if not primary, option.

Best for: Legs, hands, underarms and bikini line


  • Cuts are a possibility but can be avoided if you use a razor designed for women.
  • Razor bumps can occur on sensitive skin. This too can be avoided by lubricating your skin prior to shaving and applying a cooling aloe vera gel post it.

How effective is it?

With the right technique, shaving can help you get extremely smooth skin since it also removes dead cells. However, shaving only cuts the hair above the skin surface and doesn’t pull it from the roots. It is likely that your hair will grow back faster and coarser.

2. Depilatory Cream

These are creams that contain chemicals that break down the disulfide bonds in the keratin of hair, making them so weak that you can simply wipe the growth off. Depilatory creams are easily available over-the-counter at any chemist and/or general store.

Best for: Legs, hands, underarms, bikini area, upper lip, and chin. Look for creams formulated just for the face and bikini area, which are gentler than the rest.


  • People with sensitive skin can develop a reaction against the chemicals in depilatories. However, this can be avoided by doing a simple patch test before going ahead with hair removal.
  • Some people with the smell associated with the presence of chemicals too pungent to handle.
  • Anyone who has tried it can vouch for how messy it can get to use in the shower.
  • It’s believed to cause skin darkening if used over a long run, however, we can’t say that it has been proved scientifically.

How effective is it?

Since these creams work majorly above the skin, hair will regrow in a few days. But these will be slower and softer than hair after shave.


Usually warm wax is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Post which strips are placed on top of the wax coat and pulled in the opposite direction. In this method, hair is pulled out from the roots and is known to be a little painful.

Best for: Full body and face


  • Waxing can cause ingrown hair which can be prevented by exfoliating thoroughly one day before your appointment.
  • It’s important to get it done from a well-equipped, experienced technician otherwise you may end up with burns, rashes and itchy skin.
  • People with sensitive skin may experience redness post waxing. It is better to apply a post-wax cooling solution.
  • Also, there are a myriad of types of wax available in the market. You can check with your technician on the best fit for you.

How effective is it?

Results from waxing can last upto four weeks since the hair are removed from the roots. And while it is safe to wax any time of the month, doing it just before your period can make it even more painful. Popping a mild painkiller may help.


This one comes from the Middle East and involves using of cotton thread to pull out hair from the root.

Best for: Eyebrows, forehead and upper lip.


  • Though threading is sanitary, it can cause bumps because several hairs are plucked out at the same time.
  • Also, it is not recommended for skin prone to acne.
  • Sometimes, it cuts hair at the surface, which can lead to faster regrowth.

How effective is it?

If done right, threading can remove an entire row of hair at once. It can last upto four to six weeks.

5. Laser Hair Removal

This method of hair-removal involves laser technology and targets hair follicles. It’s an expensive method of hair removal and generally needs several sittings. Often billed as permanent, do expect fine hair regrowth.

Best for: Full body and face, however best suited for smaller areas.


  • Laser hair removal is safest as long as it’s performed by a dermatologist who is well trained and has extensive knowledge of skin.

How effective is it?

If you do monthly treatments, within six months 50 percent reduction in hair growth will be evident. However, you need maintenance sessions every few months.

6. Epilators

Epilators can be both wired and portable. Like waxing, epilation also involves pulling out hair from the root.


  • Some people find it more painful than waxing.
  • You cannot use it just before going out because it tends to leave your skin slightly red.
  • Can be time-consuming if you’re doing a larger area like your legs.

How effective is it?

If done right, it can take about six weeks for hair to regrow. It’s a simple and cost-effective method of hair removal as you can do it at home, all by yourself, without having to invest in any more products.

Well, there you have it ladies (& gentlemen) the most popular methods of hair removal. Do let us know which one if your go-to in the comments below!

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