While we invest a lot in building a modish wardrobe complete with a myriad styles of clothing—what we forget to invest in is a trunk full of bags! A lot of girls tend to make do with one or two bags and that is exactly what hinders them from becoming the ultimate fashionistas!

You cannot carry a clutch to work or a tote to a party. Whether you like Louis Vuitton’s monograms or the bright colours of Michael Kors’, do you have a bag for every occasion? If not, here are 5 must-own bags for every girl who likes to keep it stylish!

  • The Fit It All Tote

Large and roomy, this is the most versatile bag a girl can own. Totes are usually unfastened and with a single major compartment, but today, these come in a variety of patterns. You can carry these for shopping, a casual coffee date or on a flight. Totes usually look great with anything from pants and shorts to cute casual short dresses. With totes, your entire wardrobe is your canvas!

  • The Sling It Crossbody Bag

For a girl who likes to go hands-free and yet look stylish, this is the best choice. You can opt for a box, velvet bag when heading for a party, or a cute bright satchel for daywear. The options are plenty!

  • The Pack it All Backpack

This bag style ruled the entire 90s and it’s come back to power again. From large, sturdy ones to small, delicate bags, a backpack is a must-have! Head to a concert dressed in a pair of shorts, crop top and a backpack. You can dance the evening away without having to worry about your bag!

  • The Keeping It Stylish Clutch

This is the most versatile bag and can be paired with both Indian and western wear. It’s best to keep at least a gold and silver clutch in your closet since these colours go with almost anything.

  • The Boss Lady Tailored work bag

Can you imagine working in a big, corporate firm and carrying a shopper’s bag? To be taken seriously at work, you have to present yourself well. Invest in a tailored, work bag that is big enough to fit your munchies. A classy bag will be appreciated by your boss, and she will love the fact that you are dressing up formally. In fact, it can make even a semi-casual outfit look more formal.

So how many of these bags do you own in your closet?

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