On the 31st of October, Himalaya launched their, “most advanced herbal products” in the form of the Youth Eternity range, at the scenic Taj Land End Hotel in Mumbai.

The new “high herbal-science” line consists of the Youth Eternity: Day Cream, Night Cream and Under Eye Cream, all formulated using Edelweiss Plant Stem Cell Technology and exotic herbs that have been clinically proven to rejuvenate the skin.

The presentation was directed by three people who, together were able to give us a wholesome understanding of these unique creams. Dr Harshna Bijlani celebrity dermatologist, Nivriti Sweta – in charge of the R&D for Himalaya Personal Care and lastly, Mr Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Himalaya’s Business Director for the Consumer Products Division.

Dr Bijlani started off by telling us about, “Micro aging”, she says: “the signs of aging have already started without you seeing it in the mirror” according to a clinical study, we lose approximately 1% of our collagen every year and that starts in our mid 20s, some earlier and some later, she goes on: “by the time we are in our 40s, 30% of our collagen is gone!”

She explained how collagen is what makes us look young, as it is the framework that makes up our skin. When we lose collagen, pigmentation, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles start appearing. I couldn’t help but think that perhaps the process of micro aging has begun for me because my skin has suddenly gotten more problematic in the last few months.

When she asked why this happened, the crowd roared with answers: “stress, hectic lifestyle, bad eating habits, pollution, travel and sun damage”  (which she says is the biggest cause). She went on to advise us that prevention is better than cure and how we must aim to use products with active ingredients that have been studied, so as to delay aging.

After this, Mr Rajesh took the stage to tell us more about what Himalaya Personal Care has been doing and why this product has come into the market. We learnt that consumer research has played a big role – this entails Himalaya personnel visiting people’s houses and understanding the problems they face and then working to find solutions in form of Himalaya products.

On that point, he gave examples of the Neem Facewash and the Sparkling White Toothpaste that have been launched as a result of consumer research and this “problem-solution” approach.

The Youth Eternity range was similarly launched due to large volumes of people complaining about signs of aging, or having concerns about aging in the future. After knowing the problem, a total of 4 years was dedicated to researching natural youth preservation techniques.

After the products were revealed, with a dramatic unveiling nonetheless (the stage went dark and the backdrop suddenly changed into large-scale boxes of the products, yes, the wall did a horizontal rotation) Nivriti then took the stage to give us an in-depth understanding of this new youth-boosting cream.

Stem cells are that part of the plant that have regenerative properties, for instance, when a leaf breaks off a branch another leaf grows out in its place because of the presence of these cells. Furthermore, this plant was chosen because it is cultivated at a high altitude so it is naturally resistant to harsh climates; it is also packed with antioxidants – making it beneficial for the skin.

Other key ingredients include: herbal active extracts of flowers like Rose Myrtle, Fire Flame Bush, Woodfordia and Cipadessia Baccifera, that hydrate and restore your skin.

The Products

Youth Eternity Day Cream 

This day cream can replace your usual face moisturiser, as it has a light hydrating base and also contains an SPF 15 (usage: twice a day). Expect your face to be re-plumped within 4 weeks, and daily extended use of it will preserve your youthful skin by preventing age spots, wrinkles, pigmentation and photoaging.

The botanical extracts are meant to improve skin cell matrix which fights aging by increasing the skin elasticity and providing hydration. Other benefits include, reduces visible pores, evens skin tone, and enhances skin luminance.

This cream only comes in three sizes, that is 10ml, 20ml and 50ml and it is priced at Rs. 99/-, Rs. 249/-, and Rs. 499/- respectively.

Himalaya-Youth-Eternity (2)

Youth Eternity Night Cream

We all know that your body heals at night, so a night cream for your face is imperative if you’re trying to maintain young skin. This night cream, like any other, is thicker in base so it is more nourishing and will work on your skin overnight, so when you wake up your skin is soft and luminescent.

Just like the day cream, this one also promises more hydration, fewer wrinkles and age spots as well as improving skin elasticity. Apart from the major key ingredients, the night cream also contains apples, that is as a natural astringent and a source of antioxidants

This cream only comes it one size, that is 50ml and it is priced at Rs. 499/-.

Himalaya-Youth-Eternity (2)

Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream

Under eye wrinkles are a worry for most people, the skin there is the most delicate, so it’s very susceptible to wrinkles and difficult to cover up with makeup. The only solution to under eye wrinkles would be to use a product that preserves the collagen in this area. The Youth Eternity is one product that assures a reduction in crows feet wrinkles, under eye circles and puffiness.

Apart from the above mentioned key ingredients, this cream also contains amla which is a rich source of vitamin C, and antioxidants, that slows down aging. In order to get the most out of this product, apply a pea size amount once or twice a day and follow it up with the day cream. This product also works well under makeup, but make sure this is the first thing you apply after washing your face for it to work.

This cream only comes it one size, that is 15ml and it is priced at Rs. 525/-

Coming back to the event, we got an opportunity to ask the esteemed panel some questions about aging skin and the products – this is what we got:

 At what age should one start using this cream?

Dr Bijlani: Mid 20s. I’m not going to say you have to use it by this age, but perhaps by 20s, start thinking about using a product like that. Some earlier some later, but don’t wait till you’re in your 30s and 40s.

What is the benefit of using a night cream?

Nivriti: The day cream is lighter than the night cream, most renewal and rejuvenation of the skin happens at night, [therefore] a night cream has to be more moisturising and nourishing, as compared to a day cream. the Day cream is a lighter cream and gives you the hydration and the required benefits throughout the day but night cream is heavier so it can do the heavy duty work at night.

I don’t have time to cleanse and take care of my skin, plus I’m already over 30 and I have pigmentation, how will this product help me?

Nivriti: This product is proven to give efficacy related to giving younger looking skin, so in your hectic schedule where you don’t get time to maintain, if you start following the regime as mentioned on the product, I think in a span of time you will get results and I think that this is easy to accommodate in your hectic lifestyle. Because there is one cream for the day and one for the night that are doing their work respectively.

Dr Bijlani: I do have clients who say that they are working, they have kids, they run a house, nuclear family, I don’t have time to do 101 things. There are no shortcuts, I can’t tell you don’t do anything because then that defeats the whole purpose, but try to get products that have a sunscreen incorporated in it, so you’re using one thing in the morning as opposed to layering, having said that, if you’re going for beach holiday, you can’t just use one product, because the amount of sunscreen that is in a product like this is not enough, you will have to use a lot of it and will also have to apply it every couple of hours. So, when you’re on a beach holiday layer up, if you’re not really exposed, then get a product that is two in one, remove your make up before going to bed and slap on some cream.

Does it work on all skin types? I have combination plus sensitive skin.

Nivriti: This range is formulated for every skin type and we have done extensive studies to prove that the product is suitable for every skin type. It is even tested on the sensitive skin where the product has worked, both in terms of the safety and efficacy. You can easily use this product.

How much of the under eye cream should I use for best results? And how do I use it?

Nivriti: This under eye cream has been specially formulated to tackle crow feet wrinkles, under eye dark circles, morning puffiness and dullness. As directed on the pack, you need to use it twice a day, every day. Use this before applying makeup and make sure it touches the skin surface before any other product or makeup has.

Will other products in this range come into the market, like a face wash?

Mr Rajesh: Himalaya already has a range of face washes. The product launched today is a stay on product that preserves youthful skin. As I said before, we do consumer research and if there is a technology that helps us deliver better on a wash off product then it will come.

What led Himalaya to launch this product?

Rajesh: We endeavour to look at consumer needs, these products are developed based on consumer needs, and during the journey, there was a big concern from the consumer to find a herbal product that will keep their skin youthful and that what made us do research into making a herbal, high science product. New consumer needs will always change, and things keep evolving depending on lifestyle changes.

What do you suggest for diabetic skin, because I keep getting dark patches?

Patchy dark skin could be related to your medical issue, it could be related to your medication or the sun it could even be melisma (hormonal pigmentation). You must first know the reason for this. Either way, sunscreen is non-negotiable.

Does this product contain any parabens? Or any other preservatives?

According to Himalaya, our products should be free form parabens and any other preservative harmful to human skin. This product has been tested and it is safe on human skin.

What would you recommend for a person concerned with aging?

Rajesh: I would recommend Himalaya. If you look at globally, there is a lot happening in this segment and each brand has their own loyalty, so ultimately it is the consumers choice. Each brand has different delivery mechanisms, at Himalaya we give the customer a similar benefit with a herbal platform.

Is it true that people with dry skin are more likely to cause wrinkles?

Nivriti: When you have dry skin, wrinkles are more visible. Moreover, because there is a lack of hydration in the skin, this can also cause aging to occur faster.

We are excited to try the new Youth Eternity range by Himalaya, what are your thoughts on the products?

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