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Start your skin-detox when your schedule is free from events, social obligations or other occasions you need to wear makeup.

Side note: If something comes up and makeup is a must, don’t give up on your mission – use natural healing products as makeup instead. Aloe vera gel and rose water can replace primer  (start with a little and build it up depending on your skin type), castor oil can be used as eyebrow gel, find a good natural foundation if needed, and for lips make sure you have a solid layer of lip balm before you apply any lipstick.


When your skin needs it the most. If you find your skin looking dull, clogged, or you’ve started breaking out. This could be your skin reacting to a lifestyle change and signalling you to start doing something about it.


If you’re going on a cleanse (Juice, lifestyle etc), you might as well pay some attention to your skin, it’s only the largest organ of your body. There is no point cleansing your internal organs and leaving out your skin. Everything we put on our skin seeps inside our bodies ultimately, so the logical thing would be to revitalise everything at once.


The things we eat are not always nourishing for our skin. Not to forget the chemical and fragrance laden soaps and lotions we apply. Your skin needs to be cleansed of all these substances and toxins once in a while to keep it looking healthy and nourished.


Diet: First, your diet plays an important role, make sure to include lots of alkaline rich foods (Spinach anyone?), plenty of water, vegetable juices and fruits. We recommend sticking to only water and herbal teas and skipping the sugar laden sodas and caffeinated beverages during the detox. Consult a nutritionist to get a diet plan that suits your needs.

Exfoliate: Use a skin brush to dry brush your skin and a facial towel or gentle scrub to exfoliate your face, this will remove dead cells and other toxins which are collected on your skin.

Moisturise: Post shower, get in the habit of applying a generous amount of olive oil (or any oil of your choice) on your skin, this will lock in the moisture and keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best. You can always give yourself a light massage while you’re at it.

Facial: Go for a professional facial so that your pores are cleaned thoroughly during this time. You can always do it yourself at the comfort of your own home too but nothing beats a good relaxing spa session.

Cleanse: When it comes to face wash, a person with dry skin should follow the oil cleansing method for day time and a sensitive-skin face wash at night. For oily skin folk, a gel based cleanser is supposed to be better. If you’re not into using products and you want to keep your detox as natural as possible, wash your face with warm water, followed by cold water and massage your skin in an upward motion till you feel cleaner, use can also use a muslin cloth for a gentle exfoliating effect.

Mask: Applying masks is my favourite ritual! Choose a face mask for your skin type, opt for mud masks if you have an oily skin type and sheet masks if you have dry skin. Wash off the mask after about 10 – 15 minutes and follow up with a moisturiser or oil that suits your skin.

Soak: For further detoxification, soak your feet in an Epsom salt solution. This helps with foot related issues, (fungal infections, joint and muscle pains) and has also helped some remove toxins from their body. If you have the luxury of owning a bath tub then play some soothing tunes in the back ground, add essential oils and Epsom salt into the tub and take a relaxing warm bath.

Protect: Lastly, detox or otherwise get in the habit of applying sunscreen. Read our sun protection article and find ways you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

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