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Unlike fashion, beauty trends are hard to identify and even harder to forecast. This happens because of the various skin issues, bone structure preferences or other external insecurities people have, often making beauty a sensitive/personal topic.

Make up is usually used in two ways – first, as a temporary fix when you’re having a bad day, and second, as a form of expression through colors, shapes and techniques. Either way, we all benefit from the amazing therapeutic effects we get while applying it.

I’m no advocate for or against cosmetics, but in my amateur opinion I believe that before applying makeup, you should know your skin type well and go for looks that make you feel comfortable and confident. You shouldn’t follow fashion/beauty trends blindly, (that excludes experimenting, of course) it may not suit your skin or your personality.

This season, various designers have brought back makeup trends from the 80s, however, let’s not stop there but instead think how trends come about? How long they last? And, what forecasting is all about?

The answer to the above questions is simple – we make trends, and fashion designers/ bloggers (now) spot them, or think up their own and then inculcate them into their fresh lines, or social media respectively.

How long do they last? Until you get sick of using a particular shade, etc. We have a knack of getting bored of things after only a couple of years, and the capitalist/consumerist culture we live in makes it easier for us to buy new things more often than we should.

However, if you’re a bit more frugal/environmentally conscious, think about how you can freshen up a style you’ve been overusing without purchasing a lot of makeup. You can do this by wearing a new shade of lipstick, or put eyeliner in your water line instead of on the lid. Check out our article here to know how you can multi use your makeup products!

Some of my favorite trends this season are:


The gothic lip

A dark lippie is usually spotted in the winter months; however, this year we are doing it differently. Grab any dark shades (blue, purple or brown) and keep the rest of your makeup simple and light.

Baby hairs

A menace we’ve dealt with most of our lives now turns into one of the hottest and most adorable hair trends. Keep your baby hairs untouched and pull out some longer stands to give you an untidy but endearing look.



This has been in for a while but in my opinion that was just the start; expect to see more glitter – eye shadows, lip colours, highlighters, and even clothing. I’m apprehensive about seeing body-glitter resurfacing, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t indulged in it in the past.

Drawn on lashes

Twiggy’s signature eye makeup that we don’t see enough. This look can be achieved by drawing on tiny lashes on the bottom of your bottom lid (small thin triangles) or just below your eyebrows for your top lashes to sink into.

Micro braids

Definitely a Game of Thrones inspired trend. Interpret it yourself or look for hair tutorials online to add more character to your top knot or half up-do.

Image Credit: India Couture Week 2017 – Looks created by Mickey Contractor, Director of Makeup Artistry, M.A.C Cosmetics for Rohit Bal & Gaurav Gupta

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Lovely blog and enjoyed reading your post. Beauty trends have changed a lot in last few years. Thanks for sharing these latest trends in beauty for the year 2017.

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