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In the spirit of sustainability and frugality, here are some ways in which you can use common makeup products to serve other beauty functions:

Multitasking-multiuse-Beauty-makeup-Products (1) The most common one, and something I personally do all the time – using your lipstick as blush. To do this, make sure your cheeks are well moisturised or that your foundation is on, so when you apply your lippie, it will glide on well and stay in place. Start by applying a small amount on your cheeks and blending it with your finger tips or a beauty blender for that ‘flushed’ look.

Multitasking-multiuse-Beauty-makeup-Products (1)

You can use mascara as eyebrow gel, keep a light hand while doing so and don’t apply more that one coat as it can look clumpy and ruin the rest of your makeup (and it’s a pain to clean off). Alternatively, when your mascara gets over, clean the brush and use it as an eyebrow comb.

Black or Brown eye shadow is great to colour in your eyebrows. Use a thin angled brush to get your desired shape, and you’ll never buy a brow pencil ever again.

Multitasking-multiuse-Beauty-makeup-Products (1) When you don’t have a particular shade of lipstick, you can use your eye shadow and pat it on top of some lip balm to get the shade of your choice. This tip works best for someone who doesn’t want to commit to buying a new lipstick just for a single use. Use can also do this over some clear gloss or lipstick. This trick is commonly used for ombre lips.

Multitasking-multiuse-Beauty-makeup-Products (1)

Use your Eyeshadow for Highlight & Contour. Highlighters are expensive, and some of us end up with too many trying to find the right shade. Instead of that, use some pearly white eye shadow as highlighter, and build it up to get the illumination you desire.

Do the same for your contour shade, choose a cool toned brown shade and build it up as required. This tip works great if you are travelling, this way you don’t have to take too many products along with you!

Clean out old your eyeliner bottle or use the black eyeliner for nail-art. The fine-tipped brush will help draw that ‘Aztec’ design with a breeze.

If you want to try a new eye shadow shade and don’t want to spend the money, try using your outrageous lippies as eye shadow. This is perfect for the ‘Glossy Eyelid Trend’ which we are seeing all over the runway!

While you are at it, rub some concealer onto your eyelids as eye shadow primer, this will help the colour pop and hold your eye shadow in place for a long time.

Last, but this might be the most important one so far,  if are trying to hide your dark circles and the concealer is just not cutting it, try applying a red lipstick under your concealer. The reds in the lipstick will neutralise the blues and black under your eyes and make concealing the dark circles easier.

If you have any tips and tricks that you use and love, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below!


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