Makeovers are always fun to watch, whether it’s for a guy, a girl or a house.

America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is known for the outrageous makeovers they give each contestant early on in the competition. These makeovers are usually based on their personality and the type of a model Tyra Banks thinks they could be. Some makeovers are wackier than others, and that’s why this episode always has the most drama (yes, I’d probably cry if someone made me shave all my hair off).

To mimic this controversial episode, AXN India, Biguine India (JCB) and Steve Madden India organized something similar wherein all of us bloggers got a chance to experience a professional makeover by hair and beauty specialists, JCB. I truly felt like a model while getting my makeup done, and being in the ANTM atmosphere just made it all the more exciting. I’ve been watching this show for years now, and there is no other production that comes close. It’s light-hearted, but also teaches you a lot about modeling, for example, the importance of finding your light in a shoot and also the importance of extending your body in each pose.

Red Hot Experience-With-AXN-America’s-Next-Top-Model Red Hot Experience-With-AXN-America’s-Next-Top-Model

The best part of the show is Tyra Banks, the entrepreneur/model who has worked tremendously hard to see her 23-year-old show grow and extend to other countries. She makes an appearance in each episode and never fails to share her words of wisdom and experience in the modeling world.

Red Hot Experience-With-AXN-America’s-Next-Top-Model

Make sure you don’t miss an episode, (Mon- Fri at 9 PM only on AXN) especially the makeover one that is the best episode in my opinion. Watch and recreate any looks, or learn a bit about the process that goes into selecting the looks. Also, Boys! Don’t shy out, Cycle 22 has male contestants too so get watching and get recreating.

Feeling fierce? Don’t forget to share your ‘Red Hot Experience’ with the hashtags #NextTopModelOnAXN and #RedHotExperienceWithAXN.

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