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Summer 2017 has brought back “80’s glam” fashion, giving 2017 a fresher and edgier beat. This season is all about endogenous and badass metallics combined with splashes of pink and frilly feminine pieces. The runway presented a lot to be considered, but below are some of our favorites yet.

The biggest trend that has carried on from last season is denim – jackets, jeans, skirts, shorts, all with fraying and ripped details especially on the bottom hem of the jeans. Even though skinny jeans will always be flattering, now it’s all  about straight, wide legged and even flared jeans. I don’t think it’s going to stop here though, expect to see denims in summer colours, with slits, a high-low detail or a loose and tight effect. If there ever was a time to experiment with denim – it’s now!


Another popular trend at the moment are statement sleeves, these are mostly oversized– wide or slim fit, flute shaped or even a kimono style shirt would do the trick. Shirts, t-shirts and even trousers are incorporating this ultra feminine and voluminous detail. These pieces can dress up an outfit instantly and bring an innocent and girly vibe to your look.


It’s been a while, but fishnets are back in full force, and are being welcomed in any form – socks, stocking, ripped stocking (phew!). The major plus with this trend is that though they belong to the stocking family, you can rock them in a humid  city like Mumbai. Layer your fishnets under a pair of ripped trousers, or with a pair or sneakers. If you really want your fishnets to stand out, get your hands on a coloured pair.


You may not own polka dots, but stripes are definitely one of the most common of fashion accents and we are so happy to see them back. They are the ultimate casual but put-together fashion statement and have been worn in multiple ways this season. My personal favorite are the traditional Banker stripes, (the blue and white stripped shirts all men have) so if you’re in a DIY mood, borrow your dads shirt, put a corset over it, add a neutral pair of sliders plus accessories and, voila!


While we’re on the subject of prints, gingham is another choice this season, and perfect for our Mumbai summer. If there’s one thing we all need in our wardrobe, on trend or not, it’s more cottons. Gingham is a lightweight cotton fabric, usually with a checkered print (bold colours over a white background).


Another blast from the past: embroidered patchwork is everywhere and now we can finally wear our beloved emojis. The best part about this trend is how you can customize it. I feel as though patchwork has always been about buying your own patches and having them stitched on to your clothing for a more personalized look.


Slogan tees carrying meaningful messages like, “peace, love and happiness” or “feminism” and alike or, ones expressing our love for food, add a lighthearted and youthful energy to this season. Everyone has something to say, so pick out a few slogans you’d like to wear this year.


Accordion pleats or plisse, are a classic option, however expect this pleat to be incorporated into more that just a midi skirt. As is, these pleats are sophisticated and feminine, but paired with a baggy t-shirt or shirt could give you a grungy look.  


In between an item of clothing and an accessory, waist corset belts are a good way to spice up a simple tee. If you don’t have a waist clincher, achieve a similar look by wearing a tube top/corset over your t-shirt; it may take a couple of attempts to get the look right, but the pay off is worth it.


Summer means open toe/ open back shoes, and the footwear stealing the spotlight this year are ‘mules’. Sliders have been in for a while now, so is this the peak? Who is to tell? Besides, this look is a good staple to have this summer, as they can be worn both casually and formally – which we always love.

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