Recent I got a chance to attend the launch of new Whisper ‘Ultra Soft’ along with a bunch of fabulous bloggers. The whole ideology of the event was not just to talk about the product but also to break a few norms. Today women are unconventional in every aspect, they work a 9 to 5 job while running their house and taking care of the family. The chores may be never ending but with the new Ultra Soft Whisper tried making those 5 days much more comfortable.

I’ve used and loved Whisper for the longest time. The brand never stops to amaze me with their latest technology and innovation to make the sanitary pad long lasting, absorbent & hygienic. With the new Ultra Soft, Whisper makes the pads not just super absorbent but also 2 times softer!  At the event Actress Radhika Apte, Gynecologist Dr. Nandita Palshetkar and P&G R&D Expert Edith Tilly spoke about encouraging women across the globe to truly being unstoppable, even during that time of the month. Edith also explained how most women end up with rashes during their period due to sensitive skin. The new Ultra soft has special soft pores which is covered by soft topsheet in the center and the wings making it extremely gentle on the skin.

Edith then demonstrated the difference between the Ultra soft and any other pad. She poured equal amount of blue liquid onto the New Whisper Ultra Soft and another pad. Then she cut them into half and squeezed both. While the New Whisper Ultra Soft remained dry the other pad had liquid dripping from it. She explained that Ultra Soft comes with a special softpored technology which drives liquid to the core where it stays locked. It also has the fresh odor free pearls which captures and locks period odor. To add cherry on the top the new ultra soft is also 20% longer and wider in the back.

Here is a sneak peak video of the event:

Post the event I was extremely excited to test the product myself and see if it truly stands up to its claims.

During the first day of my periods I had a hectic day planned which involved nonstop traveling from one venue to the other and never ending errands. The Ultra Soft sanitary pad felt extremely thin and lightweight. With the super absorbent soft pore technology it kept me feeling dry throughout the day.  Thanks to the extra gentle topsheet I didn’t feel uncomfortable even for a moment and I could honestly feel the difference between the Ultra Soft and regular pad. The New Whisper Ultra Soft is priced at Rs. 64/- for 7 Pads, which makes it cheaper than Whisper Ultra Clean and comes in two variants, L which is 284mm long and XL which is 317mm long, perfect for night time.

I highly recommend you to try out the new Ultra Soft and see the difference for yourself!


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