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As the world goes digital, Mumbai entrepreneurs, Bhavik Mehta and Atish Chhabria sought out to seal the gaps in our fitness regime with their new and dynamic app – UACTIV (available on iOS and Android).

There’s something comforting about sitting behind your mobile phone and getting things done – whether it’s to shop online, place a food delivery order or buying movie tickets. The elimination of extra human interaction to coordinate events is convenient and appeals to most of us. By downloading UACTIV, organizing your fitness-orientated games/events/classes can be as easy as – click, click, click and done!

Combining hardcore sports/fitness with the merits of social networking, the app connects you with likeminded people in your community to organize fitness activities, (“Buddy Up”) and/or discover and participate in existing activities, (“Pick Up”). Earning discounts, special promotions and free products for being active is another exciting feature of the app, among others.

Having the UACTIV app gives you a good indication of what activities are available to you nearby and can urge you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t have. Whether it’s an hour of yoga, or a scenic hike, you can try something that might stick and it can in turn become life changing (when is fitness not?).

Whether you’re lazy or a complete fitness freak, having your friends by your side is always a nice way to motive yourself to work out. Further, there’s also the possibility of meeting new people who share the same passion as you, which could take your fitness regiment to a whole new level.

The app is beneficial to both, the trainer and the student, or even a group of friends organizing their biweekly football games.  You can invite users, set a limit on the number of people, or have it open for all to attend.

From time to time, UACTIV (the company) have also organized activities such as, marathons, food and fitness workshops, and sporting tournaments. Some of the events we recommend for the next few weeks are:

1) Yoga For Youth In Association with Kaivalyadhama Mumbai

Two day seminar on the theme of yoga for youth.

Date: April 29 – April 30, 2017.

Time: 2:00PM -8:00PM

Venue: ICYHC , Kaivalyadham,43 Netaji Subhash Road , Near Taraporvala Aquarium, Marine Drive, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002, India

Price: Starts at INR 1000

2)  Hula Hoop with Swati Shah and Boho Fitness Club

A chance to learn how to Hula-hoop in a single session. A great workout for your abs and a massive pump for your cardio levels, this session is guaranteed to pick up your spirits and let loose your inner child.

Date: April 30, 2017

Time: 3:00Pm – 4:30 PM

Venue: The Space, Juhu.

Price: INR 800

3)  Scuba Dive trip to Bali 

Round up the squad and head to Bali on a SCUBA diving trip.

Date: June 25 – June 30 , 2017

Venue: Bali, Indonesia.

Price: INR 54,000

4)  Bootcamp with XertFit

Bootcamp involves speed, agility and quickness in your training and workout regime. Using specialized fitness equipment’s and training strategies and techniques to help people improve their balance, get quicker feet and build on their speed.

Date: May 2, 2017

Venue: St.Andrews Turf Park, Bandra (W)

Time: 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Price: INR 1000

5) Functional Training with Bar Squad.

The workout is a combination of Calisthenics + weight training + functional. is a place where transformations happen. Bar Squad ensure that you get the best out of what you put in.

Date: Monday – Friday

Time: 8AM – 9:30AM & 6PM -7:15PM

Venue: SYKZ, 201-214 Samartha Vaibhav, Andheri (W)

Price: INR 1000

After you download, go to the “Pick Up” tab and select which activity you would like to attend.

Other aspects of the app include:

Chat – chat with your UACTIV buddies and groups using our in-app chatting feature.

Challenges – challenge other users to different sports/fitness activities and share these challenges on social media.

Ratings – rate your buddies you do an activity with and rate the group activities that you participated in. Get rated by others and build your own credibility!

Social Media Plugins – share any activity on the app via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc

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