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Even thought we don’t see much of it, I love Mumbai winters. It’s never too hot nor too cold, just perfect. I try making the most of this pleasant weather by bringing out all my cozy sweaters and jackets. For the last few weeks I’ve been spicing up my outfits by adding formal pieces in the mix. I am loving the laid back semi formal look. Some of my favorite fail proof combinations involve pairing my sweater with the cigarette pants and my t-shirts with my blazer. This particular blazer in the outfit above has been worn countless times in the last few weeks and it still looks brand new! Caring for your formals can be a hit or a miss so I’ve decided to share with you my top tips in keeping your garments looking fresh and happy

1. Say hello to Lint rollers.

Dirt, dandruff, hair, food crumbs, animal fur (I have a chubby dog mind you) gets collected in your clothes during the course of the day, which is why it’s important to brush your suit after each wear with a lint roller. Not only will this extend the time between washes but also keep your formals looking clean and tidy. You can get Lint rollers for as low as Rs.150 and each pack will last you a couple of uses. Make sure to brush the roller in a downwards stoke (Or however the material is woven) so the fabric doesn’t get distressed.


2. Hand wash when needed.

After you’ve worn your favorite blazer couple of times its time for a wash. There is always an option to dry clean it but I honestly prefer washing all my outfits which needs extra care by hand. Also over-dry-cleaning your formals can wear away the natural fibers and take some years off your clothes. This goes for everything – sequins, linen, delicates etc. Washing it by hand is gentle and you get to save some mullah too! If I were to tell you the truth, I always end up dropping food on my clothes and the most effective way to get rid of any stain it to spot clean it immediately which is the why I prefer washing it at home as it doesn’t let the stain sit for too long.
To wash your garments at home start by filling a bucket with room temperature water. Its best to skip hot water as it soaks the stain in. Then I add one cap full of mild detergent in. You can add detergent according to the number of clothes. I prefer using Wipro Safewash liquid detergent because it doesn’t contain soda or bleach which makes it gentle enough for fabric which requires extra care. It protects your clothes from germs, shrinking and fading and what’s more is that it leaves your garments smelling fresh, soft and shiny! Once the bucket is full and bubbly add your articles in and let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Gentle try and scrape any stains or smelly spot with your fingers or a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and softly wring it. Finally hang it to dry in a shaded area.
If hand washing is not your scene then you can put your garments in a pillowcase and place it in the machine on a gentle cycle. Safewash is perfect for machine wash too as it gently but surely gets the job done. Do try and research the fabric before you machine wash as you would not want to risk ruining your clothes.
To know more about Wipro Safewash head over to their website here.

3. Avoid the Iron.

Ironing your formals might be too jarring as it burns the fabric and makes it look dull. The best way to remove creases from your garments would be by using a steamer. I love steaming my clothes, its fast and fun! The one that I use is small and compact, I had asked it as my birthday gift last year and I use it couple of times a week. Steaming your clothes will not only prolong its life but it will also destroy all the bacteria and sanitize it, talk about killing two birds with a stone

4. Store it with love

It’s important to pay attention to how you store you garments. It recommended that you avoid folding your formals and hang it instead. Using wire hangers might work with light pieces in your wardrobe but its best to avoid Cheap, frail steel hangers for your formals. Use wide wooden or plastic hangers with rounded edge as it will help the suits retain its shape better. If you want to store them away for the season then I recommend using a garment bag and hanging it in the end.

These are all the tips that I have for you today. Hope you found it helpful. I would love to know how you care for your formals in the comment below.

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