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What is Your Motivation?

Motivation is what drives people to reach beyond what they thought possible. When you establish what your intention is when starting out for a run, the more you can keep yourself inspired to push your limits. Write down what is motivating you and post it where you can see it as a continual reminder. Whether your goal is to finish a race, or to get more in shape, set your running routine with an intention that will help you run even on the tough days.

Establish a Plan

When starting a running routine, know what mileage and routes you plan to take ahead of time. Keep track of your plan on a calendar by writing what mileages need to be achieved each day, and what days you are supplementing your routine by cross training. When you slowly build up your muscles by increasing your mileage a little at a time, the healthier your body will be. Running training guides range from the easy jogger to the intense marathon, so be sure to research a training program that fits your goals.

Establishing a running plan helps you keep track of your accomplishments and helps direct where you are going. Map out routes beforehand by using a running app, or by researching the mileage for certain routes. Knowing your route also helps others know where you are, just in case of an emergency.

Life cannot be totally planned, which means you may have to adjust to interference in your established plan. Holidays, birthdays, and unexpected life happenings are bound to happen during your training, which means you need to leave space for adjustment. Be flexible in changing the time you run, or having to push a lengthier run to a different day. Be flexible, but committed to your plan of achieving your goals.

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Be Equipped With the Right Gear

When establishing a running routine, it is important to equip yourself with the right gear and knowledge about running. The right shoe for your style of running can make a difference in your overall running health. Running health is about having the right tools to keep yourself from getting injured. By knowing how your body is aligned, you can limit the possibility of injury. Visit your local running store to help you discover your running style and what pair of shoes works best for you.

Running clothing is another important factor in helping you achieve better mileage. Avoid wearing cotton, and invest in fabrics that wick away moisture. Clothing like dri-fit materials allow for regulation of body temperature when you are running hard. Designed for cold and hot weather, running gear can help your body adjust to the challenges of running.

Consider running with a hydration belt or pack on long runs to maintain your hydration levels. By taking small sips of water while out for a run, it can help your body stay hydrated and well fueled to make it to the end of your workout.

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Create a Habit

Make a habit of running. Do not settle for giving up on the days you are tired. If you have set a goal in mind, or have signed up for a race, then stick to your plan. Remind yourself that you are capable of achieving your running goals.

Start creating a habit by running at the same time every day. Studies say it is best to run in the morning, but running in the evenings can help wind down your day. Make time for running in your schedule and keep to your established plan. The more you can keep yourself on track by routine, the better you can make the habit of running become second nature.

To keep yourself honest, consider joining a running group or doing a running challenge online. Running groups can help you stay motivated, while doing a running challenge can help you connect with fellow runners who are just starting out too. Involve your friends and family too in your running routine. Rather than going out for coffee, consider asking a friend to come running with you. The more you can encourage others to establish a running routine, the more you can motivate yourself to keep on track.

Starting out a running routine is no easy task. Some days you will wake up and want to curl back up instead of heading out to meet your goals. Resist the normality of not running, and embrace the feeling of accomplishment. Each mile goal met brings you one step closer to achieving your greatest race.

With the right motivation, plan, and gear, you can create a running habit that will inspire those around you.


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