Healthy living is all the rage today, but managing that is all down to nutrition. With a hectic schedule, managing to get all my fruits and vegetables in for the day is sometimes difficult. I also happen to have the worst cravings when I’m hungry without healthy food in sight. The solution – healthy juices that help me get my nutrients and snack healthy. I make juices at home, and even take them on the go, for those quick snacks in between work and during my commutes!

Juicing is the new trend. Everyday our bodies work to release toxins accumulated through our environments, diets, and stress, and a juice cleanse can help kick-start that healthy lifestyle we all strive for. Fresh, homemade juices are tasty, no doubt, but they are so cumbersome to make. I’ve seen my mom put a whole lot of effort into peeling, chopping, and cutting carrots and cucumbers, and then blending and sieving the contents to get one glass of juice for my dad. While I’ve occasionally had these juices, I’ve preferred consuming whole fruits, as ordinary juicers are said to leave behind lots of the essential nutrients.

Cold pressed juices have been on the market for a little while, and while I’ve tried a few of them, I always perceived them to be homemade juices in fancy packaging. Cold pressed juices are said to be superior in nutrition, however they can be tough on the wallet! When Kent sent me their cold pressed juicer, I was eager to try it out and see the benefits first hand.


Cold-press technology takes produce and applies pressure to extract a fine mix of pulp and juice. The cold pressing process does not push any heat or air through the juice, resulting in the retention of more nutrition and enzymes staying intact. In traditional juicing methods, the heat in the blades kills many of the nutrients by ‘cooking’ as well as oxidizing the juice quickly. The Kent Cold Pressed Juicer produced more juice than conventional juicers and was also able to process nuts for the tastiest almond or cashew nut milk shakes, which is not possible with conventional juicers. It comes with a big inlet which allows bigger pieces to be put inside, reducing the hassle of chopping, and also comes with two filter screens for different uses – the fine-meshed filter for hard fruits and vegetables and the wide-meshed filter for soft ones.


I made a cucumber and carrot juice, and I must say, due to the high content of fibres and nutrients, I did think the juice tasted better and fresher compared to the same juice made in the blender. Cleaning the juicer was not a cumbersome process, it comes with a special reverse action motor which makes it easier to clear the blockages – when I felt a block, the reverse action resolved the issue in a blink. The juice spout has a mechanism to prevent leakages, keeping your counter top clean too. The juicer also comes with a separate bin for the pulp waste, which made it easier to clean and allowed me to collect the pulp to use on my plants.

kent-cold-pressed-juicer-review kent-cold-pressed-juicer-review

Being healthy has never been easier. I can be sure I’m having the purest and most hygienic juice when I make it under my own supervision and to my own taste preferences. All you need to do is wash and cut/peel your fruits and vegetables, and let the machine work its magic. At INR 15,000, the Kent Cold Pressed Juicer is a great investment and gift to the newer, fitter, and healthier you! So go ahead, get creative, and mix and match juices, herbs, and spices to create amazing combinations you’d never be able to find in-store. Have fun and enjoy being healthy, and I’d love to hear about your favourite combinations and recipes!

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