Couple of weeks ago, I along with a bunch of bloggers got together with Wella’s Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron. At the event we got the opportunity to talk to Patrick about his experience with Wella and their latest range of products (Read more about it here). Wella Professionals have recently launched their brand new collection called ‘EIMI’ which has a total 31 styling essentials including the 6 hero products! This collection is perfect for any individual who is looking to create effortlessly sexy hair in a jiffy. EIMI products also have the new ‘Al Fresco’ floral fragrance which leaves your hair feeling fresh and smelling oh-so yummy.

The Wella Professionals EIMI Styling Range Of Products Includes:

Volume: Dry Me, Root Shot, Sugar Lift, Curl Boost, Perfect Setting, Body Crafter, Natural Volume, Extra Volume, Take Shape, Shape Control.

Smooth: Perfect Me, Velvet Amplifier, Flowing Form, Thermal Image.

Texture: Grip Cream, Pearl Styler, Texture Touch, Ocean Spritz, Sculpt Force, Bold Move, Shape Shift, Rugged Texture.

 Shine: Just Brilliant, Shimmer Delight, Glam Mist.

Finishing Hairsprays: Flexible Finish, Dynamic Fix, Stay Essential, Stay Styled, Absolute Set, Super Set.

Availability:  EIMI is available in all Wella Professional salons.

The three hero product (Out of six) I will be reviewing today are Dry Me, Root Shoot & Perfect Me.

Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1)

Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1) Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1) Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1)

Dry Me Dry Shampoo

Price: Rs.900 – Net Content: 180 ml – Shelf life: 3 years

If there’s one product I would recommend you to try from this entire range, It would be the ‘Dry Me’ dry shampoo. I am one of those girls who won’t wash their hair for four days straight. More than the fact (which I also use as an excuse) not washing your hair often makes your hair healthier, I don’t wash it because I am Lazy, period. So I have used my fair share of dry shampoos & powders and hands down this is one of the best I have tried.

The dry shampoo comes in a tall taupe nozzle spray can. It has Tapioca starch which absorbs all the excess oil, grime and grease from your hair giving it whole lotta volume! With this product a little goes a long way, spray a small amount in different sections of your hair, leave it for a minute or two, massage and your done. It has a matte texture and makes your hair feel and smell fresh. The one thing what I love and appreciate about this product is that it leaves no white cast behind. For a dark haired girl like me most products leave a tell tale sign that I have drowned myself in dry shampoo. You can mark my words and go ahead with this baby if you are looking for a new dry shampoo. I promise it wont fail you (Cross my heart and hope to die).

Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1) Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1) Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1)

Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion

Price: Rs.900 – Net Content: 100 ml – Shelf life: 3 years

Still using hair serum? What is this 2010? (Just Kidding!) One of the EIMI hero products include the ‘Perfect Me’ Lightweight BB Lotion. Just like the BB cream for face this too has a ton of benefits in one product. I have seen a lot of American youtubers rave about BB lotions for hair and I am glad that a similar product is now available in the Indian market.

This product comes in a plastic pump bottle and has the same taupe shade as the rest of the range. The texture of the lotion is light and creamy which doesn’t weight down your hair (Hallelujah!). I use few pump in my palm and apply it on the mid-lengths of my hair, it can be used on both damn and dry hair. From the minute I apply the product I can instantly notice that it adds shine to my hair, reduces the appearance of frizz and adds a layer of hydration. Another benefit of the BB lotion is that it protect your hair from UV rays, heat and humidity. Typically I have to use a leave in cream and then apply a heat protectant when I am using styling tools but this BB lotion can be used for both!

To sum it up for you guys as to why the ‘Perfect Me’ is perfect for you: Tames fly-aways, adds shine and moisturize without making it greasy, light formula so it doesn’t weight down your hair, can be used as an heat protectant and also saves your hair from UV rays and humidity!

Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1) Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1)

Root Shoot Precision Root Mousse

Price: Rs.900 – Net Content: 200 ml – Shelf life: 3 years

I always had the mentality that mousse is difficult to work with which is why I shied away from it for so long. The Root Shoot Precision Root Mousse helped change my mind about using such products. This mousse comes in a taupe spray tin can, what differentiate this product from the rest is the precise nozzle (Hence the name?). To use the product you simply spray some in your palms or directly to your roots while your hair is still damp and blow dry it as normal. The detailed nozzle helps distribute product exactly where you need it, making your life a tad bit easier. You can instantly notice volume in your hair and because of the lightweight formula it will keep your hair looking the same for the rest of the day. I like using this product whenever I decide to do an updo. I have thin scanty hair especially in the crown region so I focus the mousse on places I require more lift then taking a boar bristle brush I softly comb my hair back and then tie it in ponytail or a bun.

Who should buy this product? If you style your hair at home or have struggled with thin hair with no volume on top and want to give an illusion of fuller hair then this ones for you!

Review-WELLA-EIM-Range-Dry-Me-Root-Shoot-Perfect-Me-BB-Lotion (1)

Want to know more about Wella Professionals and EIMI then head over to their WebsiteFacebook, Instagram or Twitter page!

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