What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name ‘Samsonite’? That’s right, me too – your mind goes straight to premium luggage, with products ranging from large suitcases to small toiletries bags and briefcases. Known for durability, innovation, and style, Samsonite has become a house-hold name for its lifestyle baggage.

A chunk of Samsonite’s production takes place at Nashik, a city in the northwestern region of Maharashtra, India. Any global brand worth its weight always needs to put an emphasis on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) to evaluate the effect of its policies and actions on society and the environment. Samsonite carries out an annual tree plantation drive, where the company has adopted and maintains 125 acres of land at Igatpuri, a town and Hill Station municipal council in Nashik District, located in the Western Ghats. Following a scenic trek, people visit the ‘Khambale Vanrai’ project to plant trees, and this year I decided to go green and join the plantation project, making the two and a half hour drive up from Mumbai. In all, over ten thousand trees have been planted, and I have to take my hat off to the management at Samsonite for organizing such a beautiful initiative. Tree planting not only counteracts deforestation, but tackles social, political, environmental, and economic issues, ranging from global warming to food security, and I’m glad I was given the opportunity to help make this world a cleaner place thanks to Samsonite.

It’s a solid investment – trees, whether in urban or forest settings, provide some of the most valuable eco-system services in the world, so make sure you #DoYourBit as a global welfare ambassador. Happy planting!

To know more about Samsonite & #DoYourBit head over to their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter page.

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