Come this time of year, and the smell of wet soil uplifts our senses. For many, it is the most romantic season of the year. But along with it come the dirty feet, delayed transport, and muddy clothes. Here’s a guide to tackling the monsoons in style.

· Fabrics – This is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind during monsoons. Lycra, nylon and polyester should be your top picks this season. These are easy to wash, and dry quicker. Obviously, darker colored clothes should be worn.

· Outfits – We all know how irritating mud can get, especially when our jeans are wet. For your casual outings, opt for breezy short dresses or shorts and tees. Be careful not to choose clothes that stick to your body when wet. For work, pencil skirts, short kurtis, and lycra leggings, or a shirt with synthetic trousers are your best bet.

· Hair – Moisture in the air makes our hair more prone to frizz. Thankfully, messy braids are in this season. High ponytails, side braids, and neat buns will keep you looking glam all day long.

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· Makeup – Avoid going heavy with your foundation, as it’s more prone to caking and looking patchy in the humid weather. Light powder-based foundation, and waterproof kajal and lipstick should be your essentials this season.

· Footwear – Stay away from stilettos and sandals, but instead choose shoes and rubber slippers which are sturdier. Gum boots have always been in fashion, and they go great with short skirts and trousers.

· In your bag – First and foremost, ensure that your bag is water resistant. Carry a few plastic bags along – you’ll find those come in handy. Make sure to keep tissues or wet wipes for all those times you’re splashed by vehicles. A water bottle is always a necessity – rainy water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies, so avoid drinking water outside. A foldable umbrella or a thin raincoat is another necessity in your bag. Hair serums should also be a part of your handbag, as a daily morning application will not suffice.

· A few important do’s and don’ts – We’ve all seen how bad the floods in Mumbai can get. If you happen to get caught in such a situation, do not panic. Do not test your luck with transport, and stay at a friend’s place if possible. Keep your feet covered whenever you go out to avoid any bacterial infections. Consult your doctor if you find yourself sick after getting out in the rain. During the Mumbai floods, a number of people suffered fatal consequences due to leptospirosis, so make sure not to dismiss even minor signs of sickness.

Hope you found this information helpful. Happy monsoons!

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