It‘s been raining subscription boxes here on the blog lately, and I am sure none of us are new to the concept. With over 30 boxes available in India (I’ve made a list of them here & here!), it was about time I tried out the Cosset Box.  The lovely people from their team were kind enough to send a box my way to review for you.

So before we begin this review, let me fill you in on some details about the brand. I was intrigued by the name and just had to Google it. So here’s what I found –

Cosset – ˈkɒsɪt – verb

Care for and protect in an overindulgent way

“All her life she’d been cosseted by her family”

Synonyms: pamper, indulge, overindulge, mollycoddle, coddle, baby, pet, mother, nanny, nursemaid, pander to, spoon-feed, feather-bed, over parent, spoil.

Sounds fitting, doesn’t it? For a brand which is all about pampering women during their “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” phase. That’s right! Cosset Box is a monthly sanitary supplies box that will always keep you prepared. Honestly, nothing was better than receiving a box full of goodies as I sulked away under my blanket, wondering why this couldn’t be happening to my boyfriend instead – if only he knew! They actually timed it correctly, and I got the box a few days before my period.

Cosset-subscription-box-review-india (1)

Cosset-subscription-box-review-india (3)

They have two variants you can choose from – the basic box and the indulgence box, priced at INR 349 and INR 799 respectively. I did the math, and the maximum retail price (MRP) of these items in total is around INR 800. You are getting exactly what you pay for. To book your own Cosset Box, select 2 of your period essentials, the type of box you want, the plan you require, and your due date, and then just wait to be pampered when life hands you lemons. It’s as simple as that!

The Indulgence goody box came in a brown cardboard box. Although I wish the packaging was slightly better (may be brighter or had polka dots?), the first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the “You Deserve It” card, which was a nice touch. Behind the card was the details of the box’s contents.

My Cosset Box had the following:

Period Essentials: Whisper Ultra Clean XL with wings, and Stay Free Dry Max & Carefree Super Dry panty liner

Pampering Items: Bio Bloom Chemical Free Almond Milk Moisturizer, Paraben & Sulphate Free Lavender Soap, and The Pink Foundation Facial Bar

Comfort Food: Yoga Bar Chocolate Chunky Nutty Bar, and Chamomile Green Tea (which I’m sipping on while I write this post)

Intimate Essential: Everteen Travel Pack of Wipes, and Intimate wash

Cosset-subscription-box-review-india (4)

The Cosset Box is a nice treat to pamper yourself or your loved ones (I’m sending my BFF this box next month!). You’ll find it comes in handy, so you can say goodbye to those embarrassing moments where Aunt Flo comes to visit and you’re not ready for her.  I suggest you try it out – it’s fun and helps make that time of the month a little less gloomy! To know more about the Cosset Box head here.

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