We talked about beauty and jewellery subscription boxes in my previous post here. Bored of them? Read through below for boxes that offer magazines, snacks, socks, perfumes and even pet stuff!


  • Sugarbox – Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware of this peppy box. Each box is filled with full sized goodies (because samples are so passé) and the boxes cost INR 1499 per month. They usually have an in house brand clothing item too, which is super cute! Try them here – http://www.sugarbox.in
  • Happiness Caged – This is a monthly cage full of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. It retails for INR 1400 for 8-10 hand-picked products. http://happinesscaged.com
  • Lady Raga – Somewhat a mix of beauty and lifestyle boxes, this one offers an eclectic mix of fashion, makeup, jewellery and skin care samples. Starting at INR 666 per month, this one’s pretty affordable too. https://www.ladyraga.com/subscribe/
  • YourBox – Innovative and affordable, this box offers to style you from head-to-toe every month. Yes, an entire outfit coupled with matching bags and stylishly-matched accessories. Expect footwear and jewellery too! There’s a mini (INR 899) and a full sized version (INR 1499). Hop on – http://www.yourboxindia.com/products/yourbox
  • Paper Planes – If you are an avid reader and would like to discover eclectic magazines catered to your interest, click on http://www.joinpaperplanes.com/subscribe/. This is an indie publication subscription starting INR 1350, where you receive around 3 titles based on your choices. You can also choose to check ‘surprise me’ if like me, you love to read everything under the roof. Perfect companion for the upcoming rainy days with a cup of steaming hot chocolate.
  • Happiness in a box – This is India’s first monthly subscription box for pregnant women and new moms. Here, you can find healthy and nurturing products for your pregnancy as well as safe and age appropriate products for your little one. Expect Vitamins and supplements, skin care, baby and pregnancy books, clothing and laundry items, organic food and beauty! Choose between ‘Mom and Baby’ and ‘Mom-to-be’ versions. For INR 549 per month, this one is a steal! http://www.happinessinabox.in.
  • The Revolver Club – This will come as a breeze of good news for all you music lovers. Here’s bringing to your attention India’s only vinyl subscription service starting at INR 4497 for 3 months. It comes with a 12” Long Playing Record handpicked by The Revolver Club, featuring a wide spectrum of music like new artists, essential new releases and reissues. Go knock yourself out https://www.therevolverclub.com/products/stereo-box?variant=4199009285

the moja club

  • The Moja Club – Add funk to your sole! Now get world’s finest designer socks delivered to you for INR 399 a month. Made from high quality combed cotton, these socks not only look uber cool, but fit you like a comfortable dream. Check out their website http://www.themojaclub.in
  • The Modiste – Pay INR 199 for an online personal stylist. You then get a consultation call where you talk to your stylist about your preferences, lifestyle and budget. And viola! You receive a box full of 5-7 stylish apparels and accessories handpicked for you. Simple choose whatever you like and pay for that only, returning the rest. You literally have a stylist choosing a range of clothes and accessories for you, and you can choose any out of the many. Also get a 25% discount if you love everything. Check this sweet deal out http://www.themodiste.com
  • Pinc Box – Dazzling lingerie is now affordable for all. Choose between ‘Everyday Basics’ and ‘Comfy Thongs’ for INR 399 a month. They even have a sale going on right now where they’re selling a bra and panty set from La Senza at just INR 299! check it out for yourself https://www.pincbox.com
  • Tea Box – Love teas? Hop on at https://www.teabox.com/subscription, where incredibly fresh and delicious teas are chosen to match your tastes using data science. The website picks up from an array of teas like white teas, green teas, oolong teas and chai teas. Plans start at INR 999.50 every month for a month-long of what’s literally, your cup of tea.
  • Scent Box – How many times have you impulsively purchased a perfume bottle only to be disappointed when the scent settled down? Now, try 3 unique 2 ml fragrances for just INR 55 each. Use them, wear them, and choose what fishes you the most compliments from him *wink wink* Then go ahead and just pick a full sized bottle. Click https://allgoodscents.com/scentbox

Cosset  India s premium period subscription box for women

  • Women Needs – No more PMSing! India now boasts of about 3 subscription services that provide you with sanitary supplies and carefully thought of gifts and accessories that are delivered to you just around ‘your time of the month’. You can choose between a wide array of plans.
  1. La Coffer – Starts from INR 249 per month – http://www.thinkfrill.com/thinkfrillsubscriptionplan.aspx
  2. Being Juliet – INR 650 for 3 months- http://beingjuliet.com
  3. Cosset Box – Basics for INR 340, and Indulgence for INR 799 a month – http://cossetbox.com/collections/all?nopreview
  • The Red Box – How cool is a Coca Cola sling bag! My Red Box is an option for you to create and customize your own box with funky items from the online store at a pocket-friendly price of just INR 999. Check here- http://theredbox.co.in
  • Food Boxes – You think I’d get you to read this long without talking about food? Here’s a list of food boxes that you can subscribe to and gobble on while reading articles like these.
  1. The Nibble Box – Handpicked box of 4-5 full sized snacks, for INR 350 per box. http://www.thenibblebox.com/get_your_box/
  2. SnackExperts – INR 699 for 5 healthy snacks weighing 150g each. And you can choose your snack from over 50 varieties. There’s a one-time trial box too, for INR 150. https://www.snackexperts.com
  3. The Gourmet Box – INR 700 for a lil’ and INR 1500 for a big one, this box offers a lot of gourmet items ranging from baking items, snacks and new delights. This also comes with recipes and pairing ideas. http://www.thegourmetbox.in/Subscription-Box-depid-73722-page-1.html
  • My Gift Box – I recently came across this website, which had over 30 subscription boxes to choose from. There’s beverage box, cocktail box, yoga box, diabetes box, comic-books box and much much more! An entire subscription box market right here, people! http://www.mygiftbox.co


  • For our loyal-most friends – Why should humans have all the fun? Here are subscription boxes for your furry bestie’s needs. You have to select the dog’s size, breed, style and personality. Expect toys, treats, chews and care products.
  1. Woof box (which also has a meow box) – INR 1500 https://woofbox.in/product-category/woofbox/,
  2. Wag Box – INR 1999 http://www.headsupfortails.com/wagbox/
  3. Pawish box – INR 1500 https://pawish.petdom.in
  4. Puprise – Starts from INR 600 http://www.puprise.com.

Whoa! I wasn’t wrong, was I, when I said that the subscription box industry is booming. Take your pick from the ones above, and let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

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