We’re all guilty of wanderlust, especially when our social media is bombarding with images of the most magical global destinations. So what holds you back – is it purely monetary, or is time the real hindrance? We’ve all heard or justified to ourselves that both are culprits to our lack of flight miles, and that we’d make those trips when we had more of each on our hands. However, let me share some tips to help you realise those solo travel dreams – trust me, it’s easier than you think!

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Step 1: Figure out a viable destination

Once you have your dates locked down, check out Kayak.com/Explore – the easiest way to narrow down on your destination based on your dates and budget. More often than not, those tend to be the major inhibition factors travellers face.

Sometimes a fabulous deal to a place you never considered might reveal itself. Go ahead and take the first step, you might be amazed at what you stumble across!

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Step 2: Get yourself a room… or a bed

There’s never been a better time to experience locales in different ways – from budget hostels to lavish resorts, everything is just a click away.

If you’ve never tried hosteling, I’d strongly encourage you to give it a shot. It’s cheap, fun, and most importantly, a great way to make lifelong friends around the world! Here’s a hack if you’re shy about sharing a room with strangers – book a private room in a hostel. This allows you to have your space and spread your social wings. Couchsurfing is another amazing way to live the life of a local when travelling (or AirBNB, if you’re feeling rich!).

Book hostels on HostelWorld.com / HostelBookers.com / Booking.com
Book hotels on Booking.com / Cleartrip / MakeMyTrip etc.
Book home stays on AirBNB
Request to be hosted (free) on CouchSurfing.com

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Step 3: Chart your (tentative) itinerary

Yes, you’re going on a random, unplanned trip – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any plan at all. Make one, even if just for those tiresome visa blokes. Make sure you’ve booked a hotel for at least 2 nights of your trip, even if you decide to go completely unplanned.

Look up ideas & basic information on getting around on Wikitravel.org
Look up itineraries on TripHobo / Travelibro
Free itinerary builder: Travefy.com
Check out Findery.com for secret / insider tips!

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Step 4: Paperwork & Formalities

Visas – Make sure you know the visa requirements if you’re travelling abroad. Check out http://oh.pn/visa for a detailed overview for Indian travellers.

Insurance – Travel insurance is always a good idea, so make sure you don’t forget to get this. You’ll be able to get this sorted in minutes online!

Money – If you’re travelling within the country, you may not need to carry too much cash. However, always make sure to keep enough to get you through the day. If you’re travelling abroad you can either use an international debit card / credit card or get yourself a Travel Card – this is a smart way to travel safe, where family and friends can ‘top up’ your account with money linked straight to your bank account.

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Step 5: Start Packing!

Packing can be fun or a chore – regardless of how you see it, packing smart is the real deal. Many of us are guilty of this, but do not over-pack as far as possible – try to travel as light as you can, and if you’re really adventurous, avoid checking-in bags altogether! This will allow you to zip through airports quicker, lighter and with minimal hassle (almost always, it’ll even help you jump the queue!).

Final checklist: Passport and documents, camera and phone, chargers, medication and prescriptions, and last but not least, lots of enthusiasm. Everything else is optional and can be added (hint: shopping!).

There you go, traveller! You’re all set and ready to explore new places, meet new people, and soak in new experiences.

Bon voyage and don’t forget to send me a postcard!


About me: Hey, I’m Kaushal. Epicurean, language loving travel blogger who loves hopping cities and postponing his fitness plans.

Blog: http://www.exoticgringo.com/ Instagram: ExoticGringo

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